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Best Gun Safe For The Money: A Buying Guide – Recommended Specs and Features

Best Gun Safe For The MoneyBest Gun Safe For The Money – Be it for a hobby, collection or security purposes, owning a gun along with a best gun safe comes with a responsibility. Gun owners should ensure to keep guns out of reach from other people most especially the young kids. A gun safe is a worthwhile investment to keep a gun collection and other valuable stuff.

What is a gun safe?

The best gun safe for the money seals and protects firearms from unauthorized access. Likewise, it secures contents inside the storage container in case of flood or any calamity. Different gun safes have varying features like fire protection or water proof. Others come in combination locks, digital and fingerprint codes. Some are far advance utilizing the live locking bold system and metal resistant locks.

Best Gun Safe For The Money – Brief Overview

Gun safes have been around since early 1700s when law is explicit with storage of firearms and guns. The first gun safes are made in wood finely decorated with carvings refined with locking mechanism.

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About the Product Specifications

Gun safe specifications are often categorized into three. First, in terms of security where details on security rating, door type and gauge, bolt and lock are given. Next is the fire protection capacity. Safes fire rating describes the temperature capacity and the maximum holding time in case of fire. Last but not the least is the style and functionality. This shows the material, style and special features of the safe.

Model descriptions include overall body thickness, bolt count and storage capacity along with the interior and exterior dimensions – the height, width, depth and minimum doorway width clearance. Also check the warranty, weight and the country of origin.

 Crucial Features for a Gun Safe

  1. Bolts

The bolts lock the body of the safe container. Bolts should be around gauge 8 or less. Look for at least four or more sturdy steel locking bolts secured at the door frame of the safe and see to it that they are tightly sealed.

  1. Metal Gauge

The gauge of the metal describes thickness. The thickness or metal gauge of gun safes measures from 7 to 12 with gauge 7 as the thickest. Thicker metal gauge is ideal although it may cost more. There are manufacturers that use thick metal gauge doors but mostly build the safe using the 12 gauge steel on the sides or back. The best gun safe for the money should be entirely built using metal gauge 10 or less.

  1. The Type of Lock

The choice of locks is crucial on how quickly you can access your guns. Locks are either mechanical or electronic. The electronic locks consist of biometric scanners and keypads whereas mechanical types are mostly combination code locks or simply using key locks.

Although electronic locks seem to be efficient and quickly accessible, they require power from an electrical source. Good if they have alternate power source like batteries or else you won’t be able to access your guns in times of need in case of power black-out. Make sure to replace the batteries timely to ensure efficiency. On the other hand, conventional mechanical locks may need more handling time. Mostly, they open very slowly and require maintenance. Nonetheless, they are strong and long-lasting.

  1. Fire Rating Standard

Gun safes are rated for durability set forth by Underwriter Laboratory (UL).Typical fire involving houses and residential spaces can flare up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Depending on the materials used to build the gun safe, certain safes resist fires at specific temperature range from laboratory test conducted. Some companies may place fire rating of 20 to 40 minute at 1400 degree centigrade but think over. At that temperature surge, any sensitive materials inside the safe may have already burned. Therefore, when looking for the best gun safe for the money, check for the fire rating that suits this purpose.

  1. Capacity

Larger safes are more preferable so you may also keep other important stuff like money, jewels and documents.

  1. Style or Design

Choose from different gun safe styles. You may prefer styles that keep anyone from eyeing your safe. Gun safes can be installed on the walls or floors where you can place a picture frame or mats to cover them.

  1. Product Warranty

Product guarantee helps you save a good amount of cash for repair, maintenance or replacement of crucial parts. Read the product warranty labels and keep it in a safe place for future reference.

  1. Consumer Support

Some companies’ consumer support teams run 24 hours a day. You might need someone to help you any time of the day then better keep those numbers in your directory. If not, check out if the company has online support staff. Communication is easier these days that you can reach anybody with mere fingertips.

  1. Consumer Feedback and Product Reviews

Now this is important. Hear what people say about the product. Weigh the pros and cons very carefully. The best gun safe for the money should suit your needs and requirements. Take time to research about the item so you won’t end up whining on anything. Browse from reputable consumer sites that provide fair and unbiased product reviews. Don’t just listen to great stuff and leave it at that. Know what makes it a better choice.

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Recommended Features and Specs for the Best Gun Safe for the Money

Most gun experts recommend minimum of 58 inches internal height allowing riffle guns and other valuable items in. Look for a gun safe with at least gauge 8 or thicker to ensure durability. When looking at the gauge steel construction, see to it that bolts are tightly sealed. Safe door plates should be made in steel at ¼ inch to half thick. Most plates are only 1/16 inch so make sure to ask about this from the provider.

Check for strong exterior shell construction to make sure that the safe survives fall. Good safes are constructed with welds. Do not mistake stitch welds as welds, both are different. Stitch welds do not give much strength than real welds. Best gun safes have good Underwriter Laboratory ratings. Look for B Rated Tool Resistant (TL-15 or TL-30) UL ratings for security purposes.

In terms of fire protection rating, get the one with at least ninety minutes fire protection capacity especially if you are thinking of placing important papers and money. It is wise to get a smaller safe inside the gun safe to ensure that money and delicate data materials are protected 100%. You may store cash, coins, jewels, hard drives, compact discs and DVDs, tapes and back-up files on a small U.L. rated fire lock. Understand that the meaning of fireproof does not necessarily mean ultimately protecting the items against fire. Gun safes, like any other fireproof items have their limitations at a given period of time.

Always compare the value of guns and items you plan to stock to the safe capacity. If you are not familiar about this, ask your insurance broker for recommendations. Gun safe ratings have equivalent value based on guidelines as follows:

  • B-Rated: $5000 worth or value
  • B/C Rated: $10,000
  • C Rated: $30,000
  • TL-15: $200,000
  • TL-30: $375,000
  • TL-30X6: $500,000 to $1,000,000
  • TRTL-30X6: more than $1,000,000

While you intend to keep your safe unnoticeable, consider that it is easily accessible in times of need. Ensure that there is adequate light in and out of the safe to make you comfortable handling it when you need to dial combination codes and the like. It is important to anchor your gun safe extremely. If you have a strong gun safe yet not installed properly, you may invite burglars to open it somewhere. Use bolts to anchor your safe.

Lastly, if you’re cautious about safety, it’s best to keep the location of your safe confidential to trusted individuals in your home or company.

How Much Does an Ideal Safe Cost?

Ideal gun safe comes around $2000 to $3000 depending on size and specs.

What Most Consumers Think that Often Leads to Failure?

It’s quite tempting to purchase a cheaper safe without looking into the required specifications. Most consumers buy a gun safe based on capacity and price but wise buyers look for more. Investing on a gun safe that is nothing more than a metal box doesn’t serve its purpose. Consider important points before hopping to the next store to get a gun safe.

The Seller Knows Well More than Anybody Else

Obviously, a gun safe store owner is the best person who knows products he sells. He wouldn’t risk his reputation to sell just anything without knowing some information about it. Thus, if it’s your first time, do not hesitate to ask any sales agent or the owner himself if he can recommend a good model. You may also ask the best-selling brands and take note of various specs. Don’t think twice in asking information. But if you have more time, doing a little homework makes a difference. Always remember that not all safes are created the same but the best gun safe for maximum security should be ensured.

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