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Biometric Gun Safe

Best Biometric Gun SafeWhether you are a veteran gun collector or on the way to owning a gun for the first time, there are some items which you must own, to ensure safety and the durability of the weapon. Here, we go through some items on the checklist, explaining why each is so important. If you feel that we have left out anything that all gun safe reviews should have, feel free to add them to the comments.

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A Biometric Gun Safe

A gun owner should always obsess about improving the security of their home, as well as that of their firearm. A few years ago, you would safely store the gun somewhere which had to be locked manually. Though sufficient, these key-and-lock storage locations would be cumbersome to access; while some were easy to break into. A biometric gun safe is a handy solution to this problem, having been introduced to the market just recently.

Most biometric gun safes use fingerprints to authorize access to the firearm. They can be “trained” to grant access to several people, judging by their fingerprints. This goes a long way in ensuring that young children and other individuals who should not hold guns cannot access them. Most variants of the safes are surprisingly easy to open, allowing emergency access without too much hassling. They can be built into walls, sides of the bed or on the floor.

An Eco-Friendly Gun Bore Cleaner

Like all other tools, a gun requires regular maintenance. The mechanical parts and the bore must be cleaned and lubricated periodically. Occasionally, you could strip the gun to its basic constituents (though a professional may be needed to do this) – but periodic cleaning does not really require taking the weapon apart. Read the manufacturer’s manual before disassembling it.

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Before cleaning a firearm, it is important to ensure that it is fully unloaded. Remove the magazine, clips and the extra round that is usually preloaded into the bore. Next, remove the bolt if your weapon is a rifle, or open the locking mechanism if it is a pistol. Clean the bolt using a solvent, before drying and lightly lubricating it.

There are five simple steps for cleaning any gun. After removing the bolt or its equivalent, swab the bore with the environmentally friendly gun bore cleaner. Make use of a rod embedded with a bronze brush to soak the interior, leaving the solvent to take effect on the debris left behind by the bullet jacket, lead and the fowling of gunpowder.

Afterwards, scrub the bore repeatedly with the brush, before following through with a patch of clothing, to absorb the extra carbon that may still be in the muzzle. This should be followed by lightly lubricating the whole firearm. Cleaning should essentially be done after every use of the gun.

Fireproofing and Waterproofing

For the safety of a home and the durability of the gun, there should be a fireproof and waterproof storage for the gun. Different solutions exist for this. For starters, a fireproof gun safe may be reinforced with commercially available ceramic walls. To ensure that the storage area is moisture-free, some deliquescent substances like silica may be stored alongside the components of the gun. During times like winter, you may notice that condensation may form in the storage location of your tools. This could cause rusting and impair their functionality.

The silica gel can be found fairly easily (and cheaply) in supermarkets. A small bag of the substance, which may be used for up to 6 months, costs as low as $5 or thereabouts, depending on the store selling it. For such negligible cost, you can be assumed that your favorite toys are in tip-top shape.

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Biometric Handgun SafeBiometric Handgun Safe: The pistol also known as a handgun is the most common type of gun in the world. This gun is easy to use, handle, and carry. These are just some of the reasons why it is preferred by many gun owners as both a defense and sports weapon. With all its advantages, the handgun safe is also a lethal murder weapon and account for many fatalities throughout the world that includes many innocent children who unknowingly play with the gun often leading to painful consequences and other ramifications. It is for such possible eventualities that it is advised that as a gun user, it is important to have a quality handgun safe. One such quality handgun safe is the biometric handgun safe. This article will detail why this safe is superior, and why it provides assurance that your gun is kept away from unauthorized used, and you can easily access it whenever you need.

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Biometric Handgun Safe: First a caution

Whereas, the biometric handgun safe ranks high above the rest, it can also have major weaknesses especially if one opts to buy cheap models. Why? To answer this question, it is imperative to first understand the nature of biometrics. Biometric systems rely of body physical and physiological features. These features are both unique and very sensitive for different people. If these features are not captured properly or the gun safe processor is not fast enough to interpret the features, security will definitely be compromised. It is for this major reason that experts advise that you should not rush into buying a biometric handgun safe just because you want a biometric one.

Biometric Handgun Safe: Imaging or capacitive sensors

Majority of Biometric handgun safes operate on either the capacitive or the imaging sensors technology. Whereas the end- results of the two are similar, their processing of information varies. The capacitive system relies on specialized electronic sensors to detect the ridges on a finger why the imaging system use images taken from a specialized inbuilt camera to analyze if the pre-programmed fingerprints matches with the fingerprint. The imaging techniques are superior and such biometric safes are quite expensive and is found in biometric systems, and cost in excess of $5000 or more. Most commercial and economy biometrics use the capacitive system with a price range of $100 to $2000. It is important here to note that the biometric system development is still a work in progress, and although great mileage has been attained in the recent past, there is still much to do to make the system foolproof.

Take a look at our Comparison Chart to find your biometric handgun safe.

What defines the best Biometric Handgun Safe?

By default, the biometric gun safe is small, only meant to accommodate one or two handguns and possible some ammunition. This safe dimension means that it can be safely under lock and key, or you can travel with it whenever you go provided it is legal to do so. That said, the following are the key attributes to look out for:

  • Fire proof- this should be a no-brainer really. Fire does occur anywhere, the key is being prepared to overcome such eventualities. The best fire protection lining is ceramic wool. Ceramic wool has been investigated, and can withstand temperatures up to 2300F. This is much safer considering that the average house fire is 1700F. In addition, the safe should have full lining on each side of the safe.
  • Ease of accessibility: the best handgun safe should open just with the touch of a pad preferably under three seconds. Reliability should be guaranteed.
  • The manufacturer: Here again, the brand name matters, and it matters a great deal too. Big companies invest a lot in research and product development to stay ahead of the game, which in turn keeps you safe. Some of the recommended names include liberty safes, Barksa, Gunvault, and Secure logic.
  • Tamper resistant: the fact that handgun safe safes are small does not mean that it should be easy to prey open or easy to drill.
  • Ease of installation: Handgun safes are small and you should not break a sweat installing one. That said, it is imperative to have a safe that is flexible to allow mounting, placing etc.
  • Power source: Biometric operates on batteries. Good safes are powered by 4A-sized batteries, which should run for at least two years before replacement.
  • Programmed to accept multiple fingerprints- this is critical especially if you want the gun accessed by more than one person in case of an emergency.
  • Size- Although, it may appear as a non-issue, size is important especially if you may need to add an extra handgun in the future.

Pros and cons

The main proponent for the biometric system is the fact that it is almost tamper proof as it relies on unique individual’s pre-programmed features. This eliminates the need to remember codes or carry keys, which can fall in the wrong hands. In addition, quality biometric handgun safes are very reliable and open at the touch of a button ensuring that you get you have your gun in your hand when you need it.

Whereas many may say price, the main fundamental limitation of the biometric gun safe is biology that it aims at verifying. Injuries, cuts, blisters, or burns can seriously affect the functioning of the safe and can be detrimental when danger strike and you need your gun at a moment notice. The other notable disadvantage of the biometric system is the fact that it is battery operated and if the battery drains out without prior notice, the biometric system will be rendered redundant.

Final thought

Safely storing a firearm either in the workplace or in the home is a top priority for any responsible gun owner, there is simply no two ways about it. The biometric handgun safe is a safe bet that guarantees security, but only if you get the right one. If your budget does not allow, and you have young children around the house or you do not trust the security system of your house, then it is better to take the mechanical route where you will find an equally impressive gun safe with more reliable security features.

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Barska Biometric Gun SafeBarska Biometric Gun Safe – Looking for a safe and convenient storage area for your sensitive items and valuables? Barska, a recognized name in optics industry, introduces another innovation in storage options – the Biometric Gun Safe. This is specifically designed to ensure that all your valuables including jewelries, important documents, electronics and small firearms are safely kept.

The Biometric Gun Safe’s practical dimensions allow the user to hide it in any convenient location. This allows setting up a maximum of thirty (30) users with its easy fingerprint registration process. Because this is designed from high technology system, you can have a quick and easy access to your storage items in case of emergencies.

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Quick Access Gun SafeQuick Access Gun Safe – When we sense danger, the body releases the hormone adrenaline, this hormone also known as the flight hormone prepares us to escape the imminent danger. In such a state, fear and panic almost inevitably come, and making the right judgement may be impaired. This is likely the situation that will occur when we hear some noises at night downstairs, or screams that denote danger. In the presence of such, it is imperative to have a gun safe that is accessible at a lightening speed. The best Gun safe guarantee such access, it is the best allay one can have when speed, and reliability are required in the face of danger.

The best quick access gun safe is usually constructed using a spring loaded door that opens quickly when the right buttons are pressed. These are made possible via as there are only three or four keys needed to be pressed to open the door. Also, some quick access keys use biometric system to grant access. Either way, quick access safe is made of steel making them withstand physical force, and tamper proof locking mechanism. Quick access gun safes are available for storage of shotguns, rifles and handguns. Here are some of the best quick access gun safes available in the market.

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Best Bedside GunsafeFeatures of the Best Bedside Gun safe – At night when sleeping, we are at our most vulnerable state. Deep sleep although sweet, is also very dangerous especially when disaster strikes. This is the most likely time a burglar will break into your house. The time it takes to react, and stop danger before it strikes is important. For this reason, it is wise to have a bedside gun safe. This way it ensures that you do not leave your bed to look for a gun when danger-strikes. That said, what defines the best bedside gun safe?

This article reviews the key elements of the best bedside gun safe that will give you a peace of mind each time you go to sleep.

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How fast the Best Bedside Gun Safe opens

When danger strikes, how fast we react to the situation is everything. Towards this goal, you need a safe that will give you access to a gun in a matter of seconds. The biometric safe is thus the best option as it relies on preprogrammed fingerprints to allow accessibility and entry is attained in a matter of seconds. An electronic lock system is also good, but not great, as you need to dial the right digits which is a challenge in the dark and when you are tensed. However, if you have memorized the combinations, it is good to go. [click to continue…]


Best Fingerprint Gun SafeBest fingerprint Gun safe – Fingerprint gun safes commonly known as biometric gun safes have been billed as the last frontier for gun protection against unauthorized persons. This claim is not far fetched as such safes only grant access using pre-programmed physical features such as fingerprints, or the eye iris which are unique among individuals. Fingerprints are fast gaining accessibility throughout the world, and as such there is a rush among gun manufacturers to produce the best fingerprint gun safe. Whereas, most of the manufacturers deliver what they promise, others don’t always mean what they say.

The challenge if for the end user to know which fingerprint gun safe to purchase because when things go south, the gun safe manufacturer nor the seller will not be there to wipe tears off your face. To get the best fingerprint gun safe that will meet your expectations, here is what you need to consider before exchanging cash for the safe.

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Nightstand Gun SafeWhy should you have a Nightstand Gun Safe at home? The average time it takes a Burglar to break into a house is under ten minutes. A professional burglar may do it in less than five minutes. In the absence of an alarm system, your reaction time is greatly impeded. A burglar is a security threat not only to you, but also to your family. If you have a gun, it surely helps, but a gun that is not reachable or available when needed is useless. For many people, their preferred and wrong way of storing a gun is under a mattress, a bedroom drawer or even under the bed. Whereas, these methods may work, they are not the right methods due to a variety of reasons such as the need to ensure that there are no accidental deaths of injuries.

Imagine it is 2 in the morning, you hear commotion downstairs. You are in panic mode. Your gun in tucked in the drawer in the living room. You are helpless. This is a common situation many people find themselves. If you had a nightstand Gun safe near you, the scenario will be different. A reliable Nightstand Gun safe will enable you to access the gun at the right time and you will become your own first responder.

What makes a good Nightstand Gun safe?

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Biometric Gun SafeThe Biometric Gun safe is the latest defense against unauthorized gun use. Compared to other gun safes, it offers more reliability, consistency, and security. For many gun owners, owning a gun safe is not an option. The consequences of not securing your gun can be devastating as was exemplified by the tragic death of a three-year-old baby Eddie Ryan Owens, who got hold of his father’s gun and shot himself. Such stories are very scary to say the least. That said, if proper measures are not taken, it would definitely reoccur in the future. Whereas, traditional gun safes offer protection, they are not foolproof and are easily accessible if the gun safe owner becomes careless or simply through technical faults such as a weak locking mechanism. With this in mind, owning a Biometric gun safe should become the automatic option.

Application of Biometrics

The effectiveness of a Biometric Gun Safe stems from the fact that it relies on biometrics. The safe use unique personal psychological characteristics in this case fingerprints. The fact that fingerprints are unique means that only pre-programmed fingerprints can be used to engage or disengage the gun safe. Once desired fingerprints have been programmed, the gun safe processor will enforce scan fingerprints to check on their suitability. It is imperative to note that a Biometric safe can be programmed to accept more than one fingerprint.

The build of Biometric gun safe does not vary from traditional safes. Many are made from solid steel. The only difference arises from the locking mechanism controlling the locking bolts that operates via a biometric mechanism. This eliminates the need to remember codes, combination or carry keys. [click to continue…]


Best Biometric Gun SafeWhat do you look for when purchasing the Best Biometric Gun Safe? – Biometric gun safes are first becoming the ideal way for safely keeping guns from unauthorized persons. There is no doubt that they are more superior compared to traditional gun safes. They not only offer more security, but also are convenient, faster to open and reliable. That said, how does one get the best Biometric Gun safe?

Guide on purchasing the best Biometric gun safe

This article analyses the steps to take when purchasing the best Biometric gun safe, but first let’s look at the three types of Biometric gun safes available in the market.

  • The military Biometric gun safe– Many great inventions such as the GPS have their origin from the army and biometrics are no exception. They are generally considered as the best biometric gun safes. They are very expensive and cost more than $5000. They rely on more than one level of security layers before authorizing entry.

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Biometric Gun Safe reviewsBiometric Gun Safe Reviews – Owning a firearm means taking responsibilities, which include keeping it safely stored in a place that cannot be accessed by anyone else but you. If you have a firearm, you must be aware about the importance of safety and it should start with the most ideal storage system.

Biometric Gun Safe Reviews – Sealed, Solid and Secure

There are different reasons why different people purchase firearms. Some use handguns for target shooting or self-defense, others have rifles for hunting, while there are people who like shotguns for sports shooting. Whatever reason you may have, the responsibility of possessing a weapon shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need to be a conscientious owner for that firearm and the first thing that you need is a gun safe that is sealed, solid and highly secure.

One of the most recent additions to the gun safe family is the Biometric Gun Safe, also called as Fingerprint Gun safe. This technology is so advanced and highly effective that its reception to the firearms community has been unprecedented.

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