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Best Biometric Gun SafeWhether you are a veteran gun collector or on the way to owning a gun for the first time, there are some items which you must own, to ensure safety and the durability of the weapon. Here, we go through some items on the checklist, explaining why each is so important. If you feel that we have left out anything that all gun safe reviews should have, feel free to add them to the comments.

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A Biometric Gun Safe

A gun owner should always obsess about improving the security of their home, as well as that of their firearm. A few years ago, you would safely store the gun somewhere which had to be locked manually. Though sufficient, these key-and-lock storage locations would be cumbersome to access; while some were easy to break into. A biometric gun safe is a handy solution to this problem, having been introduced to the market just recently.

Most biometric gun safes use fingerprints to authorize access to the firearm. They can be “trained” to grant access to several people, judging by their fingerprints. This goes a long way in ensuring that young children and other individuals who should not hold guns cannot access them. Most variants of the safes are surprisingly easy to open, allowing emergency access without too much hassling. They can be built into walls, sides of the bed or on the floor.

An Eco-Friendly Gun Bore Cleaner

Like all other tools, a gun requires regular maintenance. The mechanical parts and the bore must be cleaned and lubricated periodically. Occasionally, you could strip the gun to its basic constituents (though a professional may be needed to do this) – but periodic cleaning does not really require taking the weapon apart. Read the manufacturer’s manual before disassembling it.

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Before cleaning a firearm, it is important to ensure that it is fully unloaded. Remove the magazine, clips and the extra round that is usually preloaded into the bore. Next, remove the bolt if your weapon is a rifle, or open the locking mechanism if it is a pistol. Clean the bolt using a solvent, before drying and lightly lubricating it.

There are five simple steps for cleaning any gun. After removing the bolt or its equivalent, swab the bore with the environmentally friendly gun bore cleaner. Make use of a rod embedded with a bronze brush to soak the interior, leaving the solvent to take effect on the debris left behind by the bullet jacket, lead and the fowling of gunpowder.

Afterwards, scrub the bore repeatedly with the brush, before following through with a patch of clothing, to absorb the extra carbon that may still be in the muzzle. This should be followed by lightly lubricating the whole firearm. Cleaning should essentially be done after every use of the gun.

Fireproofing and Waterproofing

For the safety of a home and the durability of the gun, there should be a fireproof and waterproof storage for the gun. Different solutions exist for this. For starters, a fireproof gun safe may be reinforced with commercially available ceramic walls. To ensure that the storage area is moisture-free, some deliquescent substances like silica may be stored alongside the components of the gun. During times like winter, you may notice that condensation may form in the storage location of your tools. This could cause rusting and impair their functionality.

The silica gel can be found fairly easily (and cheaply) in supermarkets. A small bag of the substance, which may be used for up to 6 months, costs as low as $5 or thereabouts, depending on the store selling it. For such negligible cost, you can be assumed that your favorite toys are in tip-top shape.

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Best Handgun SafeBest Handgun Safe – Long-gone are the days where guns could be stored in metal trunks, under the bed, glass cabinets, and other sundry places. The consequences of taking the short route when storing your guns can be severe, even fatal. Handguns commonly known as pistols are small, easy to carry and very easy to use. Most of the gun fatalities are attributed to the handgun safes, the same applies to gun theft, and it is no wonder why such guns are preferred as the crime weapon of choice. It for these reasons that one is advised to get the best handgun safe that will provide adequate protection from unwanted hands such as small children and burglars. That said, how does one navigate the murky market awash with various brand names, accessories and feature to ultimately get the best handgun safe that will offer a piece of mind?

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This article will guide you on how to strike the real deal. Here are some of the key places to investigate.

Best Handgun Safe: Starting with the locks

As a rule of thumb, the best handgun safe has a UL listed combination preferably those locks that have been UL768 rated. That said, it is best to avoid handgun safes that operate via an electronic keypad combination or a mechanical dial. The main disadvantage of locks that are not UL listed is the fact that they use electromagnetic solenoids to acts as a deadbolt for locking the door. In the absence of an electric current for example when the battery is down, the only thing that holds the plunger is a small spring, which is very weak and can be opened by just bumping the safe. On the contrary, for a UL768 certified safe, a reduction gearbox and a motor is used to strengthen the deadbolt meaning that the safe cannot be opened when bumped. The main disadvantage of an electronic lock is the fact that it has so many holes that can easily be used to access the safe locking mechanism. In addition, the reset button placed inside is also accessible via one of the holes when the door is slightly opened.


The primary role of the bolts is preventing the gun safe door from being pried opened. Quality bolts ensures that even when the door hinges are cut, or destroyed the integrity of the safe are maintained. Such quality handgun safes have at least seven bolts with three locked on each side of the door. Although the size of the bolt is not an overriding factor, bolts found in premium safes are at least one-inch in diameter.

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Best Handgun Safe: The manufacturer

In the gun safe industry, not all Gun safes are the same, and not all manufacturers produce the same gun safes as they would for example when manufacturing confetti. You need to place your money where maximum returns can be yielded if you want to get the best handgun safe. The bottom line is that always give priority to names that have been tried and tested. That said, not all small manufacturers need to be overlooked. That said, homework is on your side to get to know which names stand shoulder above the rest. Such information can be found in gun user forums, gun safe reviews, and gun communities.

Fire protection

The need for fire protection cannot go without mention. Fire can strike at any time, and the best way of avoiding unnecessary losses is by having a gun safe that assures of such. A gun safe that has a fire rating of at least 1200°F for at least 30 minutes should be preferred. This is advised by the fact that most houses will burn for at least 30 minutes before firefighters arrive.

When all is said, and done you need to ask yourself, important personal questions before you buy the best handgun safe. This is advised by the fact that what is best for you may not be the best to another person. Here are some suggestions.

  • Whom are you trying to secure your handguns from? Is it Children or Burglars?

If you primary aim is to prevent children from using your gun, then you do not need to break the bank. A metal trunk can even do the trick if you safely secure the keys. If you live an area susceptible to house breaks, then off course you need to invest in a stronger safe.

  • Do you live in a rental apartment, townhouse, condo, or a Bungalow?

If you live in a townhouse or an apartment, chances are that security is provided and as such, burglars can cannot succeed getting to your house without first breaking a security barrier such as guards, and such the best safe for you here will be one that prevents it from being opened by children or other unauthorized persons. If you live in a condo or a Bungalow then you have total security of ensuring security for your house. Burglars love these types of houses, as they are well two aware that many people do not have dedicated security due to cost constraints. If you belong to this group, the best handgun safe for you mean one that can withstand drilling, preying, and other dirty tricks employed by criminals.

  • Do you want your gun safe to store other valuables in addition to your gun?

Whereas, it is not advisable to store all your eggs in one basket, if you do, make sure that your “basket” would not disappoint. If you plan to place your valuables such as jewelry, certificates etc., then do not leave any stone unturned towards ensuring that the ultimate safety net is achieved.

Bottom line

Defining the best gun safe can be difficult as opinion varies from one person to another. That said, there are some parameters that we can agree on such as the ones described in the article. When all is said and done, get a gun safe that will assure you a peace of mind and acts as a last line of defense when push comes to shove.

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Best Value Gun SafeBest Value Gun Safe: In economics, value is the defined as the benefit accrued from the use of a service or a good. That said, what really defines the best value gun safe? Does gun safes value differ? Moreover, what is the absolute measure of a gun safe value? Consider this; you have two gun owners, one with a simple metal-trunk converted into a gun safe, the other gun owner with the latest state of the art gun safe, ten years down the line, their guns are intact assuming there is no fire, and burglary, of the two who had more value for money spent.

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A simple answer will be the former. To argue this way can be deceiving, it can be argued that the former spent less to buy the metal-trunk compared with the former, but it can also be argued that the latter peace of mind that everything was under control was more valuable. Moreover, the gun stored in the metal trunk was like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, if the security could have been breached, the consequences might have been disastrous, and thus the value of the gun safe rendered redundant.

From the aforementioned analysis, it can be inferred that the best value gun safe is one that offers a peace of mind. What defines this peace of mind?

Here is how the best value gun safe will offer the right peace of mind.

Best Value Gun Safe: Secure

How secure the safe is, is perhaps one of the most important attributes of a gun safe that is worth mentioning. This where the buck stops. If the gun safe can easily be preyed open by either a child or even the common burglar, then the safe is of no use. A safe that has value should be able to resist such break-ins. It is important to note that this scenario refers to the common burglar who breaks into the house looking for any valuable for resale, and if they stumble upon your safe, they will without a doubt attempt a break. However, for the experienced criminal who is well prepared, you need to scale the security by adding vital components such as alarms etc.

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Best Value Gun Safe: Ease of accessibility

If you do not access a gun at the right time, you may never get the right time to use it. It might be too late. This one critical factor ultimately determines the value of a gunsafe. The value of accessing of having a gun on your hand when you need cannot be quantified. It can mean the difference injury, or even death.

Protection against fire and water

Fire and water are two known perils of a gun safe. If your gun safe is not well constructed to cushion against effect of fire and subsequent heat generated, your gun will be destroyed forever, as the safe will act like an oven. Water in this case as moisture forms rust which weaken the safe, and can even eat your gun lowering its value considerable. The best value gun safe should be able to prevent against this two possible eventualities. When all is said, and done, the manufacturer should guarantee that such protections are feasible.

Bottom line

We all want value for our money. With respect with gun safes, the best value gun safe should give you value for money ensuring that the safe acts as a last frontier of defense from both misuses of the gun and ensuring that you get the gun when you need it. When this goal is attained, then you can say with finality that the gun safe has value. If this is not attained, the rest is immaterial.

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Biometric Handgun SafeBiometric Handgun Safe: The pistol also known as a handgun is the most common type of gun in the world. This gun is easy to use, handle, and carry. These are just some of the reasons why it is preferred by many gun owners as both a defense and sports weapon. With all its advantages, the handgun safe is also a lethal murder weapon and account for many fatalities throughout the world that includes many innocent children who unknowingly play with the gun often leading to painful consequences and other ramifications. It is for such possible eventualities that it is advised that as a gun user, it is important to have a quality handgun safe. One such quality handgun safe is the biometric handgun safe. This article will detail why this safe is superior, and why it provides assurance that your gun is kept away from unauthorized used, and you can easily access it whenever you need.

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Biometric Handgun Safe: First a caution

Whereas, the biometric handgun safe ranks high above the rest, it can also have major weaknesses especially if one opts to buy cheap models. Why? To answer this question, it is imperative to first understand the nature of biometrics. Biometric systems rely of body physical and physiological features. These features are both unique and very sensitive for different people. If these features are not captured properly or the gun safe processor is not fast enough to interpret the features, security will definitely be compromised. It is for this major reason that experts advise that you should not rush into buying a biometric handgun safe just because you want a biometric one.

Biometric Handgun Safe: Imaging or capacitive sensors

Majority of Biometric handgun safes operate on either the capacitive or the imaging sensors technology. Whereas the end- results of the two are similar, their processing of information varies. The capacitive system relies on specialized electronic sensors to detect the ridges on a finger why the imaging system use images taken from a specialized inbuilt camera to analyze if the pre-programmed fingerprints matches with the fingerprint. The imaging techniques are superior and such biometric safes are quite expensive and is found in biometric systems, and cost in excess of $5000 or more. Most commercial and economy biometrics use the capacitive system with a price range of $100 to $2000. It is important here to note that the biometric system development is still a work in progress, and although great mileage has been attained in the recent past, there is still much to do to make the system foolproof.

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What defines the best Biometric Handgun Safe?

By default, the biometric gun safe is small, only meant to accommodate one or two handguns and possible some ammunition. This safe dimension means that it can be safely under lock and key, or you can travel with it whenever you go provided it is legal to do so. That said, the following are the key attributes to look out for:

  • Fire proof- this should be a no-brainer really. Fire does occur anywhere, the key is being prepared to overcome such eventualities. The best fire protection lining is ceramic wool. Ceramic wool has been investigated, and can withstand temperatures up to 2300F. This is much safer considering that the average house fire is 1700F. In addition, the safe should have full lining on each side of the safe.
  • Ease of accessibility: the best handgun safe should open just with the touch of a pad preferably under three seconds. Reliability should be guaranteed.
  • The manufacturer: Here again, the brand name matters, and it matters a great deal too. Big companies invest a lot in research and product development to stay ahead of the game, which in turn keeps you safe. Some of the recommended names include liberty safes, Barksa, Gunvault, and Secure logic.
  • Tamper resistant: the fact that handgun safe safes are small does not mean that it should be easy to prey open or easy to drill.
  • Ease of installation: Handgun safes are small and you should not break a sweat installing one. That said, it is imperative to have a safe that is flexible to allow mounting, placing etc.
  • Power source: Biometric operates on batteries. Good safes are powered by 4A-sized batteries, which should run for at least two years before replacement.
  • Programmed to accept multiple fingerprints- this is critical especially if you want the gun accessed by more than one person in case of an emergency.
  • Size- Although, it may appear as a non-issue, size is important especially if you may need to add an extra handgun in the future.

Pros and cons

The main proponent for the biometric system is the fact that it is almost tamper proof as it relies on unique individual’s pre-programmed features. This eliminates the need to remember codes or carry keys, which can fall in the wrong hands. In addition, quality biometric handgun safes are very reliable and open at the touch of a button ensuring that you get you have your gun in your hand when you need it.

Whereas many may say price, the main fundamental limitation of the biometric gun safe is biology that it aims at verifying. Injuries, cuts, blisters, or burns can seriously affect the functioning of the safe and can be detrimental when danger strike and you need your gun at a moment notice. The other notable disadvantage of the biometric system is the fact that it is battery operated and if the battery drains out without prior notice, the biometric system will be rendered redundant.

Final thought

Safely storing a firearm either in the workplace or in the home is a top priority for any responsible gun owner, there is simply no two ways about it. The biometric handgun safe is a safe bet that guarantees security, but only if you get the right one. If your budget does not allow, and you have young children around the house or you do not trust the security system of your house, then it is better to take the mechanical route where you will find an equally impressive gun safe with more reliable security features.

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Under Bed Gun SafeThe under bed gun safe is perhaps the most discreet way of storing a gun away from unauthorized use. If well designed, and placed then nobody will ever know that you have an under bed gun safe even the ever curious children. We will examine some key attributes of the best under gun safe and recommend some top picks. When selecting the best under bed gun safe, the four most important things to consider includes ease of accessibility, flexibility, silence, and security. Lucky, there are such safes in the market that are tailored men to provide a peace of mind and enable you have the gun whenever you need it.

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Flexibility refers to the ease with which the gunsafe can be place under the bed. The gunsafe should be flexible enough to accommodate for both right and left-handed people. Better still, it should be flexible enough to allow it to be placed at either sides of the end without causing discomfort when sleeping. [click to continue…]


Quick Access Gun SafeQuick Access Gun Safe – When we sense danger, the body releases the hormone adrenaline, this hormone also known as the flight hormone prepares us to escape the imminent danger. In such a state, fear and panic almost inevitably come, and making the right judgement may be impaired. This is likely the situation that will occur when we hear some noises at night downstairs, or screams that denote danger. In the presence of such, it is imperative to have a gun safe that is accessible at a lightening speed. The best Gun safe guarantee such access, it is the best allay one can have when speed, and reliability are required in the face of danger.

The best quick access gun safe is usually constructed using a spring loaded door that opens quickly when the right buttons are pressed. These are made possible via as there are only three or four keys needed to be pressed to open the door. Also, some quick access keys use biometric system to grant access. Either way, quick access safe is made of steel making them withstand physical force, and tamper proof locking mechanism. Quick access gun safes are available for storage of shotguns, rifles and handguns. Here are some of the best quick access gun safes available in the market.

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Best Cheap Gun safeFinding The Best Cheap Gun safe – If wishes were horses, every gun owner would definitely own a military standard gun safe. However, the truth is that we all operate on a budget, and whereas some of us have deep pockets, the majority live on a shoestring budget. Any responsible gun-owner out there should fully comprehend the importance of having a gun safe; the consequences of not having one can be detrimental regardless of one budget. Luckily, there are many low budget gun safes that although do not have the best features, provide a measure of protection. The bottom line is that the best cheap gun safe are neither inferior nor substandard, but are affordable. The article looks at the best cheap gun safe both for safe storage of rifles and pistols.

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best gun safe brandBest Gun Safe Brand – The Roll-Royce is a quality car brand, Ferrari too is a quality brand, but are they best brands in the world? Opinion on the best brand differs a lot. The same is true when it comes to gun safes. Whereas there are some brands that stand out compared to the rest, consensus on what is the best gun safe brand is varied. What can be agreed on however, are the characteristics of found in the best brands. This article will review some of attributes found in the best Gun Safe brand and hopefully help you in your purchase process.

The locking system

The best locking system is the bolt locking system. The main reason why this locking system is preferable over the rest is that the locking bolts interlocks and safely secures the door. The thicker the bolt, the more secure is the system. Also, the higher the number of bolts the better is the system. Bolt lock systems have an increased lifespan and there are hardly any breakdowns. Other factors to consider include the number of lock combination, ease of opening under duress, lock visibility, lock reliability, and the lock maintenance.

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Best Gun safe DehumidifierBest Gun safe Dehumidifier – Guns are expensive, and for many of us gun lovers, when we buy a gun we hope that it will last our lifetime, and hopefully pass it down to our children. There are many threats to the longevity of a gun such as fire, water, and theft, but perhaps the greatest threat to guns longevity is moisture. Moisture destroys guns in the following way. Gun safes are usually closed tight minimizing air-circulation this leads to accumulation of moisture, which subsequently triggers rusting in the inner parts of the gun safe. Rust in the long-term weakens the gun safes making them easy to be preyed open by burglars. In addition, rusting spreads to your guns making them redundant in the long-term. For this reasons, it is thus imperative that one get the best gun safe humidifier.

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Best Fireproof Gun SafeBest Fireproof Gun Safe – Fire is a hazard that often strikes without warning. Its effects are devastating and can result in financial meltdown. It is thus imperative to be always a step ahead in case of such eventualities. One of the biggest threats to guns is fire. There are so many stories of people losing their prized guns due to fire. This can be very painfully especially for gun lovers who see guns as part and parcel of their daily life. Simply put, you need the best fireproof gun safe that guarantees protection in case of fire.

The market is awash with gun safes branded “fireproof”. The term fireproof is actually a misnomer. Many buyers assume that fireproof is the same as fire resistance. The fact that a gun safe is branded fireproof can actually mean anything. It can mean that the safe can only resist fire for 10, 20 0r even 30 minutes. This means that your guns and other valuables will burn. That said, there other gun safes that have been designed to provide resistance for an “acceptable” period. Such gun safes are thus desirable, and is worth investing in them.

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