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Best Bedside GunsafeFeatures of the Best Bedside Gun safe – At night when sleeping, we are at our most vulnerable state. Deep sleep although sweet, is also very dangerous especially when disaster strikes. This is the most likely time a burglar will break into your house. The time it takes to react, and stop danger before it strikes is important. For this reason, it is wise to have a bedside gun safe. This way it ensures that you do not leave your bed to look for a gun when danger-strikes. That said, what defines the best bedside gun safe?

This article reviews the key elements of the best bedside gun safe that will give you a peace of mind each time you go to sleep.

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How fast the Best Bedside Gun Safe opens

When danger strikes, how fast we react to the situation is everything. Towards this goal, you need a safe that will give you access to a gun in a matter of seconds. The biometric safe is thus the best option as it relies on preprogrammed fingerprints to allow accessibility and entry is attained in a matter of seconds. An electronic lock system is also good, but not great, as you need to dial the right digits which is a challenge in the dark and when you are tensed. However, if you have memorized the combinations, it is good to go. [click to continue…]


Under the Bed Gun SafeUnder the Bed Gun Safe – Are you deciding to own firearm? If keeping a gun is imperative to your family’s safety, it is important to keep it secured. Precautionary measures must be taken into consideration especially when you have small children inside the house. Likewise, it must be ensured that your stored weapon can easily be accessed when urgent situations arise. Another exciting thing is that this awesome invention can also accommodate other valuables apart from firearms such as sensitive documents, jewelries among others.

One of the best ways to keep your weapon safely while ensuring a quickly access when needed is storing it in under the bed gun safe. This innovative safe is technically designed for ease of storage and access. This is well constructed from solid steel coupled with a safe lock system to ensure a safe storage. Even burglars cannot have an access o what is stored in the safe. Definitely, anyone can avail the great value from this purchase.

Under The Bed Gun Safe Features

Under the bed gun safe is a great way to safeguard your weapon from potential intruders as well as keep it away from your children’s curiosity. The following features are good reasons why you need a lock box or under the bed gun safe: [click to continue…]


Best Gun Safe under 500Best Gun Safe under 500 – Finding quality on a budget is always a challenge as there is only so much quality one can buy with limited money. Whereas, the need for a having a gun safe cannot be overemphasized, it goes without saying that not all us have deep pockets to get the best gun safe money can buy. With this fact in mind, manufacturers are increasingly producing safes for such gun owners. Such gun safes, although limited to functionality nonetheless offers reliability, security and durability. This article reviews the top five best gun safe under 500 that will guide you in selecting a safe that meets your budget and expectation.

Best Gun Safe under 500: The GunVault Speed Vault SV500

The Gun Vault speed Vault SV500 is without a doubt a quality Gun safe under 500. Millions of user and critics have given it a sign of approval as a quality, accessible, a variety of mounting options, safe, and a discreet gun safe. Perhaps, the most appealing trait of this safe is its ability to be hidden discreetly let us say in an office desk or bed. The safe digital keypad ensures that the safe is easily accessible when you need which is very important especially in an emergency. Other factors that make this gun safe a bargain are that it is built using an 18-gauge steel, it comes with a backup key in case the digital pad malfunctions or you forget the access code. [click to continue…]


Best Fingerprint Gun SafeBest fingerprint Gun safe – Fingerprint gun safes commonly known as biometric gun safes have been billed as the last frontier for gun protection against unauthorized persons. This claim is not far fetched as such safes only grant access using pre-programmed physical features such as fingerprints, or the eye iris which are unique among individuals. Fingerprints are fast gaining accessibility throughout the world, and as such there is a rush among gun manufacturers to produce the best fingerprint gun safe. Whereas, most of the manufacturers deliver what they promise, others don’t always mean what they say.

The challenge if for the end user to know which fingerprint gun safe to purchase because when things go south, the gun safe manufacturer nor the seller will not be there to wipe tears off your face. To get the best fingerprint gun safe that will meet your expectations, here is what you need to consider before exchanging cash for the safe.

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Who makes the best Gun safesWho makes the best Gun safes? – “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – This is a commonly quoted part of a dialogue in William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, in which Juliet argues that the names of things do not matter, only what things “are”.

Taking a clue from this famous quote, are all gun safes the same irrespective of the manufacturer. All promises to safely lock your gun and thus prevent unauthorized access. Is a gun safe from a miscellaneous manufacturer the same as one produced by Liberty? The answer will definitely vary depending on whom you ask, but who really make the best gun safes?

Usually, those who have tried various gun safes know where the shoe pinches. Here are the six best names you can opt for when shopping for a gun safe. [click to continue…]


Best Gun safe ReviewBest Gun safe ReviewOwning a gun comes with many responsibilities, one of which safely secures the gun from unauthorized use or from theft from criminals. This key responsibility can only be effected by having a quality gun safe. In addition to providing the last line of defense, such a safe will also protect your gun from high-humidity, floods, and fire. It is thus important to read many gun safe reviews if you are to get the gun that meets your expectations. There are many gun reviews available both offline and online, that said there exist some best gun safe reviews that will ultimately illuminate your understanding of gun safes. It is easy to know the best Gun safe review for a particular brand.

Why a detailed Gun safe review is important

Like any popular product, gun safes, business has attracted many players to cash-in on this lucrative business. There are prominent gun safe manufactures such as Liberty, Winchester, Sentry, Stack On, and GunVault that has consistently delivered stellar products. Deciding which to pick can be a tricky affair, especially in the absence of a professional. It is thus imperative to read gun safe reviews to differentiate the chaff from the grains. A gun safe is an important investment, and it is important to get it right.

Here is what to lay emphasis on: [click to continue…]


What is the best Gun SafeWhat is the best gun safe is one of the most searched phrases on Google. This shows that many gun owners are not willing to take a chance when it comes to getting the best gun safe. That being said, there is really no standard measure for defining the “best Gun safe” as what is good for one person may not really suits another person. In an attempt to answer this question, it is imperative to answer the question, “what is the best gun safe for me?”. Once this question has been well asked, then one can fully grasp what is the best gun safe vis-à-vis their requirements and only then will one be fully informed on the best type of Gun safe to purchase. Here are some of the things to consider to get an answer for this question.

What is the best Gun Safe – The locking mechanism

The best gun safe locking mechanism should be able to withstand different types of entries. Entries here differs from forced entries from experienced criminals to attempted entries from “curious-hands” like those of the children. Locking mechanisms comes are generally available in three categories: the gear drive, over- center-cam, and the gear drive lock mechanism. The direct drive cam is the simplest and is commonly used in cheap or entry level safes, the gear drive is great for preventing bolt punching while the over center locking mechanism has been proven to prevent side bolt punching a common break-in system used by criminals. [click to continue…]

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Gun Safe ReviewsSpotting a Fake Gun Safe Reviews – The internet revolutionized how we shop, and where we shop. When shopping online, it goes without saying that we are more influenced by the opinion of other people, especially when we are indecisive as to whether to buy a given product. Well aware of this fact, Manufacturers, retailers, and affiliate marketers have developed cleverly worded product reviews to get the attention of both online and offline shoppers like reading about the experiences of earlier shoppers, or the manufacturer’s perspective before deciding to buy. Whereas most of the reviews give an honest opinion, some are tweaked to generate interest that will lead to sales without so much emphasis on value for the customer.

In the last eight years, there has been a surge in the number of gun sales in America. This has become a boon for Gun safe manufacturers as the most natural thing to do for a responsible gun owner is the purchase of a Gun safe. The need to attract gun owners has generated many Gun safe reviews in many gun blogs, forums, and affiliate marketers sites among other sites. These guns safe reviews are carefully worded, and often a potential buyer is often confused on which review to trust.

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If you one of the many gun owners searching for a reliable Gun safe, then you definitely have read many Gun safe reviews. How then do you know which reviews to trust, and which not to? Here are some pointers on how to spot fake Gun reviews that will not guarantee a return on your investment in the long term. [click to continue…]


Best Small Gun SafeBest Small Gun SafeIf you think assault weapons are scary, then you need to think again. Homicide committed in 2000 in the United States reveals that 49% percent of homicides committed in 2011 involved handguns. This simply means that many handguns are in the wrong hands. A gun that is not kept safely is a ticking time bomb that can fall in the hands of a mentally disturbed family member, child, or thugs who make a break in. The ease of use and transport even by young children make it the likely weapon of committing crimes. It thus imperative to keep your handgun secured at all times. That said, a poorly working gun safe is pretty useless if it is not accessible. Whenever you are looking to purchase a gun safe, there are certain fundamentals that the best small gun safe should deliver. Here are some of the fundamentals that you need to keep an eye on.

Best Small Gun Safe Should have Limited access

It should prevent access by unauthorized persons- this is the primary need for any gun safe. If this goal is not attained, then the reason for having a gun safe is heavily watered down. Unauthorized persons in this context refer to children, burglars or any other curious hands. A best small gun safe that does this should first have an effective locking mechanism. There are a variety of options to select such as the dial locks, digital locks and the biometric locks. The biometric lock is advisable as it applies biometric in accepting or denying access. [click to continue…]


Nightstand Gun SafeWhy should you have a Nightstand Gun Safe at home? The average time it takes a Burglar to break into a house is under ten minutes. A professional burglar may do it in less than five minutes. In the absence of an alarm system, your reaction time is greatly impeded. A burglar is a security threat not only to you, but also to your family. If you have a gun, it surely helps, but a gun that is not reachable or available when needed is useless. For many people, their preferred and wrong way of storing a gun is under a mattress, a bedroom drawer or even under the bed. Whereas, these methods may work, they are not the right methods due to a variety of reasons such as the need to ensure that there are no accidental deaths of injuries.

Imagine it is 2 in the morning, you hear commotion downstairs. You are in panic mode. Your gun in tucked in the drawer in the living room. You are helpless. This is a common situation many people find themselves. If you had a nightstand Gun safe near you, the scenario will be different. A reliable Nightstand Gun safe will enable you to access the gun at the right time and you will become your own first responder.

What makes a good Nightstand Gun safe?

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