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Choosing the Best Gun Safe

Best Gun SafeHow to choose best gun safe? – We all want value for our money, don’t we? A great purchase always justifies the need for spending. This applies when we are looking for the best gun safe that meets our budget and expectations. It is a fact that there are many gun safes on the market, but not all of them are manufactured equally, so to speak. Some deliver on what is promised, and some become a bother after some time. How then does one position oneself to buy the best Gun safe that will prevent unauthorized use of their gun?

Luckily, one needs not be an expert in spotting the best gun safe. This article will detail on some key aspects to investigate in the buying process such as fire resistance and the best interior that offers protection for your gun among other factors.

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What to consider when choosing the best Gun safe

  • The size and the weight

The size and weight will ultimately be dependent on the type of gun you own. With respect to weight the heavier the better, a 2500-lb safe is comparatively safer than a 500-lb safe. According to experts a safe weighing in the range of 750-lb is more appropriate as it does not occupy too much space and offers more security. This weight means that the safe cannot be pushed over easily and is generally too heavy for a bunch of thieves.

  • Wall Thickness and shell strength

The best gun safe should be of minimum 10 gauge steel walls. Such a safe has great exterior strength to resist attempted break-ins commonly used by criminal who usually don’t have complicated equipment. In addition, such thickness provides adequate protection from falling materials as in the case of a fire when the structural component of the house is compromised.

  • The locking Mechanism and Bolts

The most common types of locking mechanism are the digital locks and mechanical dial. However, the best gun safe is those that use a rotary-combination dial lock. That said, commercial-grade electronics are also efficient. Electronic looks especially cheap ones should be avoided as they are easy to crack and the internals generally wear out very quickly. If you opt for the dial lock system, opt for a design that meets the UL Group II certification. If you opt for a digital lock system, a UL Type lock is recommended. It is imperative to note that digital locks are prone to reprogramming and thus necessary precaution should be taken if one opts for this type of lock. Considering bolts, a four-door way bolt system is more appropriate. Such a system is the only sure way of preventing prying from occurring.

  • Fire protection

In the event of a fire, a poorly constructed gun safe will quickly act as a furnace and within no time, your valuable guns will be destroyed. The best gun safe is usually those rated 350F for an hour or better. Such safes have fire cladding on all sides providing adequate protection against fire. Fires should never be assumed as there are over 380,000 residential fires occurring in the United States annually and you can never tell when your house will be next. Gun safes that have ceramic wool blankets are rated higher and offer more protection, especially when placed between steel plates. Safes that have been fire tested should be given more priority when making a purchase.

  • The Door Seals

Low end gun safes are usually sold with a door seal. This should be avoided. The best gun safes usually have door seals that are imperative in keeping our moist air that helps reducing chances of rust forming in the stored guns. The right gun safe should have a well fitted full length Paluson that expands in case of a fire, keeping away heat or smoke from entering the safe.

  • Water and Flood protection

If you live along a flood plain, you definitely understand the devastating effects of a flood. The best gun safe should provide protection against by having all holes sealed through a heat resistant silicone. One example of a safe that provides such a protection is the sentry safe that has been tested against flood and fire.

Final thought on choosing the best Gun safe

The process of choosing the best, safe should never be hurried. The best safe is as a result of a combination of many factors which many appear trivial, but ultimately will determine whether your gun safe is a worthy investment or one that will bring losses in the long term.

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