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Demystifying the Biometric Gun Safe

Biometric Gun SafeThe Biometric Gun safe is the latest defense against unauthorized gun use. Compared to other gun safes, it offers more reliability, consistency, and security. For many gun owners, owning a gun safe is not an option. The consequences of not securing your gun can be devastating as was exemplified by the tragic death of a three-year-old baby Eddie Ryan Owens, who got hold of his father’s gun and shot himself. Such stories are very scary to say the least. That said, if proper measures are not taken, it would definitely reoccur in the future. Whereas, traditional gun safes offer protection, they are not foolproof and are easily accessible if the gun safe owner becomes careless or simply through technical faults such as a weak locking mechanism. With this in mind, owning a Biometric gun safe should become the automatic option.

Application of Biometrics

The effectiveness of a Biometric Gun Safe stems from the fact that it relies on biometrics. The safe use unique personal psychological characteristics in this case fingerprints. The fact that fingerprints are unique means that only pre-programmed fingerprints can be used to engage or disengage the gun safe. Once desired fingerprints have been programmed, the gun safe processor will enforce scan fingerprints to check on their suitability. It is imperative to note that a Biometric safe can be programmed to accept more than one fingerprint.

The build of Biometric gun safe does not vary from traditional safes. Many are made from solid steel. The only difference arises from the locking mechanism controlling the locking bolts that operates via a biometric mechanism. This eliminates the need to remember codes, combination or carry keys.

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Choosing a Biometric Gun safe

According to AlarmSystemReport.com, an authority in the review of security systems, the following should act as a guide when selecting a biometric Gun safe

  • Reliable fingerprint reader- opt for a safe that has a reliable fingerprint reader or else your Gun safe will be of no use. The latest version of Biometric Gun Safe is more reliable and as such is preferable.
  • Go for a big brand name- In the gun safe business, big names are better. This is not to say that new entrants to the business offer inferior gun safes. Big names offer reliable, and a guarantee two reliable names in the business are Barksa and Viking.
  • Choose a safe that is easy to install- in case of an emergency, access is everything. Depending on your preference, always select a safe that serves your unique needs whether it be placing the safe near your bed or attaching it on a wall.
  • A safe that can be accessed in multiple ways- Although, the primary way of access is via fingerprints, having a safe that can be accessed via keys is imperative in case of an emergency.
  • Foam lining- Form lining is a reliable way for protecting stored guns.
  • Opt for a safe with warranty- Warranties will protect you against losses. Some brands offer lifetime replacements and should be preferred.
  • Read user reviews- as the cliché goes, the wearer of the shoe who knows where it pinches, and as such, reviews from earlier users ought to be taken into consideration.
  • Avoid cheap- cheap is usually expensive in the long term. Cheap Biometric gun safes have a tendency of failing, gaming, or rejection pre-programmed fingerprints that will end up in compromising the security of your gun.

Using the Biometric system

The first step is powering the unit. You do this by opening the safe using the emergency key and inserting the batteries, if the battery have not yet been loaded. Once the battery has been loaded, start the programming process by pressing a record button. These buttons are usually located in the safe next to the hinge door. By pressing the button, you prepare the safe to accept new fingerprints for storage. You then swipe your finger into a scanner and wait for a beep or light that indicates if the process is successful or not. If the registration process is successful, you then use your finger to access the system. Do the same to other fingers if necessary. Before closing the door, make sure that the system works with the registered fingers. Finally, also make sure that you always wipe off scanner glass each time you use the gun safe prevent the lifting of fingerprints from the scanner using adhesive material.

Reasons for a Biometric safe

Compared to other Gun safes, the following are some of the main reasons why the Biometric Gun safe is preferred:

  • It eliminates the need for remembering codes, combination and carrying keys, which can be a security lapse if they fall in the wrong hands.
  • Compared to other safes, it is a much faster way of accessing a safe as you only need to press the wake up button, insert your finger and the lock opens. This is critical in times of emergencies.
  • Ability to recognize many fingerprints. Some models can process up to 100 fingerprints.

Despite the added advantages, Gun safes also have some limitations; here are some that stand out

  • Some have inconsistencies, as the biometric system is yet to achieve 100% perfection. Such inconsistencies can result in false rejection, which may be deadly in case of an emergency.
  • The fact that they are more expensive compared to other efficient gun safes such as the electronic locks.
  • They run on a battery that needs to be kept up to date from time-to-time. If the battery is not updated in time, it can result in loss of functionality especially in older models.
  • Injuries such as burns that can affect your fingerprints can result in the system not recognizing the fingerprints. In addition, cuts, wounds, and dirt can result in the system denying entry.

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Final thought on the Biometric Gun Safe

Owning a gun is not an end to itself. The gun you purchase for your own protection can become deadly if it falls in the wrong hands, be it in the workplace or at home. Any responsible gun owner should never think twice about why the need to have a gun safe. That said, if one desires a gun safe that is reliability, security and efficiency, nothing comes close to the Biometric gun safe.

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