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Finding The Best Cheap Gun safe

Best Cheap Gun safeFinding The Best Cheap Gun safe – If wishes were horses, every gun owner would definitely own a military standard gun safe. However, the truth is that we all operate on a budget, and whereas some of us have deep pockets, the majority live on a shoestring budget. Any responsible gun-owner out there should fully comprehend the importance of having a gun safe; the consequences of not having one can be detrimental regardless of one budget. Luckily, there are many low budget gun safes that although do not have the best features, provide a measure of protection. The bottom line is that the best cheap gun safe are neither inferior nor substandard, but are affordable. The article looks at the best cheap gun safe both for safe storage of rifles and pistols.

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The best cheap gun safe for Pistols

  • GunVault GV1000S

This safe retails for under $100. The gunsafe is rather spacious and in addition to safely securing your gun, it leaves ample storage space for other accessories. The safe is opened using a four button electronic lock that opens very quickly. The interior lining of the safe prevents damages occasioned by banging on the safe’s walls.

  • Sentry Safe X055

The sentry safe is constructed using a sturdy steel casing giving it impressive level of security that can withstand common attacks. The interior design is simple having no accessory racks. This is ideal for those who want to customize the gunsafe. The fact that it has an electronic lock keypad that is battery powered makes it simple to access and use. The bolting holes at the back and bottom make it easy to bolt on the floor, wall, and shelf. This safe is sturdy, reliable, and strong. The fact that it retails for under $100 makes it a bargain.

  • Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe

Measuring 11.7 x 8.6 x 4.24 inches, the Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe is quite small, and can only accommodate one handgun. Despite that it is a stack safe, it also has mounting holes and can be mounted on the wall or a bed. The safe walls are 4mm thick, and its door is 6mm thick. This means that it can withstand common drill attempts. The only major drawback of this safe is that their keypads do not have lights and can be difficult opening in the night.

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The best cheap gun safe for Rifles

  • BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

Retailing at under $300, this gun rifle safe is ideal for the storage of rifles and other sensitive personal items. It biometric system is easy to use and fingerprints can be recorded in seconds. The safe can accommodate upto 3 rifles and comes with a removable storage self for storing ammunitions and guns. It is powered by 4A batteries and can be anchored on the door or wall.

  • Paragon Lock & Safe 5 Gun Safe

This rifle is simple, solidly built, and secure. It is one of the best cheap gun safe in this category. The safe can accommodate up to five rifles, and uses a ten-digit keypad to access the safe. The locking mechanism is strengthened using a six locking bolt mechanism. The solid steel construction prevents drilling, and it codes can be changed infinitely. When it comes to strength, reliability, and affordability this should be an obvious choice if budget is a constraint.

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Final thought

Whereas price is also a constraint, safety should never be wished away as the contrary can be very costly. Before you buy the best cheap gun safe with respect to your budget, always consider the following: the capacity, locking mechanism, construction, warranty, and the brand name. Always remember that not doing your homework when purchasing a gun safe can result in more losses in the future.

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