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Five Best gun safe under 1000

Guide to the Best gun safe under 1000 – If money was not the problem, there is no doubt that many of us would purchase a bank standard vault to store our valued guns. That being said, competition among gun safe manufacturers has resulted in a significant decrease in gun safe prices. Gun safes that were once retailing at over $2000 can now be purchased for under $1000. Gun safes at this price are solidly made, and provides a return on investment in the long term. Here are the best gun safes under $1000.

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Best Gun Safe Under 1000Best gun safe under 1000 – The Winchester Gun safe

Winchester is a trusted name in the gun safe business. They make gun safes on different categories and price range. These gun safe is very secure and tough and will resist common burglar break-in attempts. For less than $1000 this Gun safe is simply a bargain. It can accommodate up to 24 guns, it is made using the 12 gauge steel, it comes with an automatic relocked system, it has a luxurious padded interior and it comes with a lifetime warranty. There is no need to think twice about purchasing this jewel. For less than $1000 is a purchase you will never regret.

Liberty Explorer Gun SafeBest gun safe under 1000 – The liberty Explorer EX20-A

Liberty safes, just like Winchester Safes are a premium name in the gun safe industry. The Liberty Explorer EX20-A is great for its security features that can withstand the typical smash and type break-ins. The gun safe can accommodate up t0 222 long range guns, its interior can be adjusted to meet different storage needs, features the Sargant&Greanleaf lock combination, it is shielded using a triple hard plate that is able to withstand drill bits, shattering and cutting. The safes’ fire rating is 1200F for 30 minutes. In case of fire, guns are protected by palusol heat-activated expanding seal that is able to expand up to seven times in case of fire thus adequately protecting the guns. The safe has a manufacturing lifetime warranty for defects arising either through poor workmanship or defects in the materials.

Best gun safe under 1000 – The sentry safe GM2459E

The sentry safe GM2459E has been carefully designed to offer protection against any threats from burglars and other damages as a result of fire or floods. Standing at 59 inches, what first strikes you is its solid external body that gives the impression that it can withstand anything that comes its way thanks to its hardened steel. The safe exterior is completed using chrome and brass hardware. The safe has successfully passed the ETL certification that means that it can withstand fire up to 1400F for 30 minutes. The safe is secured using an electronic combination model utilizing a twelve button keypad that lets you select your own security code. The safe can accommodate up to 24 long guns. For under $1000, this gun safe is not only versatile, and flexible, but also it has a high capacity to accommodate most of your guns.

Best gun safe under 1000 – The Stack-On FS-24-MG-C

Just like the FS-24-MG-C, the Stack-On FS-24-MG-C has ETL ratings. The safe can accommodate up to 24 long guns thanks to its four adjustable shelves. The safe is available in the colors of brown, hunter green and black which is great for people who like matching their interior. The safe is designed to withstand break-ins and unfortunate eventualities such as fires.

Best gun safe under 1000 – The

The safe is built for longevity, and it is one of those gun safes that your grandchildren will pass to their children. The safe can accommodate up to 8 guns, comes with an interior locking cabinet, eighteen gauge powder coated interior, and has an anchor bolt included. It retails are around $400.

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