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Guide on Finding The Best Gun safe Dehumidifier

Best Gun safe DehumidifierBest Gun safe Dehumidifier – Guns are expensive, and for many of us gun lovers, when we buy a gun we hope that it will last our lifetime, and hopefully pass it down to our children. There are many threats to the longevity of a gun such as fire, water, and theft, but perhaps the greatest threat to guns longevity is moisture. Moisture destroys guns in the following way. Gun safes are usually closed tight minimizing air-circulation this leads to accumulation of moisture, which subsequently triggers rusting in the inner parts of the gun safe. Rust in the long-term weakens the gun safes making them easy to be preyed open by burglars. In addition, rusting spreads to your guns making them redundant in the long-term. For this reasons, it is thus imperative that one get the best gun safe humidifier.

What exactly is The Best Gun safe Dehumidifier?

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As the name suggests, a dehumidifier eliminates moisture from the surrounding. In a gun safe, the best gun safe dehumidifier will absorb moisture from the safe resulting in a dry environment and thus eliminating any chances of corrosion that significantly reduce the lifespan of a gunsafe.

They are many gun safe dehumidifiers in the market that are grouped into two categories: electric and desiccant dehumidifiers.

Electric dehumidifiers

Also known as, the Golden Rod, the electric dehumidifier is the most popular gun safe humidifier. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is highly effective in the removal of moisture. The electric dehumidifier does this by instantly evaporating condensed moisture that comes in contact with the safe. These types of safes are also very effective in eliminating moisture from the safe internal crevices. The only drawback with electric dehumidifiers is that they use cords that need to be connected to a power source. This means that you will have wire running out of the safe.

Best Gun safe Dehumidifier examples

  • Browning EverDry electric dehumidifier

This electric dehumidifier is one of the best gun safe dehumidifier in regions where excess moisture is a challenge. It measures 18 inches long and can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet. It works best for safes that are 30 inches wide or more.

  • GoldenRod Gun Safe Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier is heated to a temperature of about 60 degree. This activates its water absorbing property. For best performance, add silica gel to absorb any moisture not picked by the dehumidifier.

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Desiccant dehumidifiers

Desiccant dehumidifier relies on a sponge for absorbing moisture. After maximum use usually between two and six months depending on your climate zone, it is wrung just like would a sponge to eliminate moisture. It is recommended that the desiccant dehumidifier be dried in an oven to eliminate moisture before being re-used.

  • Browning 154001 Dry Sacc Dehumidifier

This is simply a box constructed to absorb moisture. It works perfectly for safes that are up to 30 inches in width. After about two to four months, dry the dehumidifier and re-use.

  • Eva-Dry E-333

This dehumidifier is very convenient as it comes with crystals enveloped in a plastic container. It is rechargeable by plugging it in an electrical outlet. The color schemes of the crystals indicate the right time the crystals have reached their limits and they need to be changed. It is known to last for up to 10 years.

Best Gun safe Dehumidifier – Which is better?

The two work quite well in eliminating moisture. Whereas electric dehumidifiers have a higher accuracy in eliminating moisture, desiccant dehumidifiers are also very effective. To get the best result, it is recommended that both be used in tandem when eliminating moisture. The choice of a dehumidifier should be regulated by the size of your gunsafe. This is important; as a dehumidifier is only effective depending on the size, it can clear the moisture.

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