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How to Spot Fake Gun Safe Reviews

Gun Safe ReviewsSpotting a Fake Gun Safe Reviews – The internet revolutionized how we shop, and where we shop. When shopping online, it goes without saying that we are more influenced by the opinion of other people, especially when we are indecisive as to whether to buy a given product. Well aware of this fact, Manufacturers, retailers, and affiliate marketers have developed cleverly worded product reviews to get the attention of both online and offline shoppers like reading about the experiences of earlier shoppers, or the manufacturer’s perspective before deciding to buy. Whereas most of the reviews give an honest opinion, some are tweaked to generate interest that will lead to sales without so much emphasis on value for the customer.

In the last eight years, there has been a surge in the number of gun sales in America. This has become a boon for Gun safe manufacturers as the most natural thing to do for a responsible gun owner is the purchase of a Gun safe. The need to attract gun owners has generated many Gun safe reviews in many gun blogs, forums, and affiliate marketers sites among other sites. These guns safe reviews are carefully worded, and often a potential buyer is often confused on which review to trust.

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If you one of the many gun owners searching for a reliable Gun safe, then you definitely have read many Gun safe reviews. How then do you know which reviews to trust, and which not to? Here are some pointers on how to spot fake Gun reviews that will not guarantee a return on your investment in the long term.

1. Multiple same Gun safe Reviews

This definitely is a marketing gimmick aimed at reaching many potential buyers. Usually, a reviewer posts the same review in multiple blogs, forums, and other platforms. Such reviews are usually not based on the customer experience, and should be read with caution if you happen to find such content. Such content usually comes from a monogamous reviewer paid specifically to virally spread the review.

2. A reviewer who repeatedly states the name of the Gun safe

The average reviewer will not write the specific details of the gun safe. Reviewers who are specific and quote technical terms such as model xxxx does this and that, Model xxx is known to be the best in the North American market most likely and doing so for the search engines. Also, watch out for the gun safe reviews that overuse certain keywords.

3. Overuse of personal pronouns

Whereas it is acceptable to use personal pronouns when writing product reviews, overusing them might suggest that one is not sincere. A Research done by the University of Cornel in the United States established that, cheats primarily use personal pronouns to convince people that they did something. For example, an average reviewer will say, the “the safe has value for money spent” on the other hand, a fake reviewer tends to use words such as “I have personally tried the safe, and I tell you that it will return your investment”.

4. Queer negative reviews

Whereas negative reviews are important in shedding light about a product, some are written specifically to water down the popularity of a competitor’s product. For example, after I bought (X) it broke down within one hour. However, when I tried using (Competitor product) it worked magic for me. This means that you should not those one-star reviews as the gospel truth. Some are simply driven by vendetta and as such, they should be read with caution, especially if such reviews appear to have been written in the same style.

5. Spot the “Marketing speak” language

Marketers are trained to convince, and as such, this is reflected in their writing style. They use buzzwords such as “best -there -is”. Whereas it is not wrong to use such language when writing a product review, it does not always provide unbiased picture of the product. Such Gun safe reviews should be read with caution.

6. Reviews that is overwhelmingly positive

Five star rating across the board is usually rare. You will always find someone who will spot something that was not mentioned during elaborate marketing campaigns. Whereas many five star rating might be an indicator of the superiority of the product, it can also mean that reviews are not genuine. A balanced review should have ratings of 1 to 5 even quality products such as Apple products get such balanced assessments.

7. Timing and number of reviews

Many reviews done within a short period should act as a red flag. Unless when a product is globally launched, no product ever achieves many reviews with a short period. Such “out pouring” of reviews only indicates that the review was orchestrated to achieve a certain limited goal.

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Separating the chaff from the grain

How then does one get to know if a gun safe reviews is genuine?

There are sure ways of overcoming the challenge of falling for fake gun safe reviews. One of the best ways is to visit the manufacturer’s website. Manufacturers always want to avoid liability and potential lawsuits that arise as a result of wrong information to the end consumer. On Gun safe manufacturer’s website, you will find detailed information on a given safe. Whereas the description might be persuasive, it gives you an opportunity to make an accurate judgment as to where a given safe meets your tastes. Another sure way is by watching online videos, preferably on YouTube. It goes without saying that we are more inclined to believe what we see rather than what we read. A detailed video description will give you a clear picture of the nature of a gun safe. Finally, never forget to join one or two gun user forums. In such forums, gun owners pretty discuss anything relating to guns. If you ask for reviews for a given gun safe, you will surely find an array of reviews that will definitely give you insight before settling for a given safe. Finally, if you stumble on a fake gun safe review, it will not hurt to raise an alarm and warn other users on the same.

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