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Rifle Gun Safe

Best Value Gun SafeBest Value Gun Safe: In economics, value is the defined as the benefit accrued from the use of a service or a good. That said, what really defines the best value gun safe? Does gun safes value differ? Moreover, what is the absolute measure of a gun safe value? Consider this; you have two gun owners, one with a simple metal-trunk converted into a gun safe, the other gun owner with the latest state of the art gun safe, ten years down the line, their guns are intact assuming there is no fire, and burglary, of the two who had more value for money spent.

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A simple answer will be the former. To argue this way can be deceiving, it can be argued that the former spent less to buy the metal-trunk compared with the former, but it can also be argued that the latter peace of mind that everything was under control was more valuable. Moreover, the gun stored in the metal trunk was like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, if the security could have been breached, the consequences might have been disastrous, and thus the value of the gun safe rendered redundant.

From the aforementioned analysis, it can be inferred that the best value gun safe is one that offers a peace of mind. What defines this peace of mind?

Here is how the best value gun safe will offer the right peace of mind.

Best Value Gun Safe: Secure

How secure the safe is, is perhaps one of the most important attributes of a gun safe that is worth mentioning. This where the buck stops. If the gun safe can easily be preyed open by either a child or even the common burglar, then the safe is of no use. A safe that has value should be able to resist such break-ins. It is important to note that this scenario refers to the common burglar who breaks into the house looking for any valuable for resale, and if they stumble upon your safe, they will without a doubt attempt a break. However, for the experienced criminal who is well prepared, you need to scale the security by adding vital components such as alarms etc.

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Best Value Gun Safe: Ease of accessibility

If you do not access a gun at the right time, you may never get the right time to use it. It might be too late. This one critical factor ultimately determines the value of a gunsafe. The value of accessing of having a gun on your hand when you need cannot be quantified. It can mean the difference injury, or even death.

Protection against fire and water

Fire and water are two known perils of a gun safe. If your gun safe is not well constructed to cushion against effect of fire and subsequent heat generated, your gun will be destroyed forever, as the safe will act like an oven. Water in this case as moisture forms rust which weaken the safe, and can even eat your gun lowering its value considerable. The best value gun safe should be able to prevent against this two possible eventualities. When all is said, and done, the manufacturer should guarantee that such protections are feasible.

Bottom line

We all want value for our money. With respect with gun safes, the best value gun safe should give you value for money ensuring that the safe acts as a last frontier of defense from both misuses of the gun and ensuring that you get the gun when you need it. When this goal is attained, then you can say with finality that the gun safe has value. If this is not attained, the rest is immaterial.

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Under Bed Gun SafeThe under bed gun safe is perhaps the most discreet way of storing a gun away from unauthorized use. If well designed, and placed then nobody will ever know that you have an under bed gun safe even the ever curious children. We will examine some key attributes of the best under gun safe and recommend some top picks. When selecting the best under bed gun safe, the four most important things to consider includes ease of accessibility, flexibility, silence, and security. Lucky, there are such safes in the market that are tailored men to provide a peace of mind and enable you have the gun whenever you need it.

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Flexibility refers to the ease with which the gunsafe can be place under the bed. The gunsafe should be flexible enough to accommodate for both right and left-handed people. Better still, it should be flexible enough to allow it to be placed at either sides of the end without causing discomfort when sleeping. [click to continue…]


Best Cheap Gun safeFinding The Best Cheap Gun safe – If wishes were horses, every gun owner would definitely own a military standard gun safe. However, the truth is that we all operate on a budget, and whereas some of us have deep pockets, the majority live on a shoestring budget. Any responsible gun-owner out there should fully comprehend the importance of having a gun safe; the consequences of not having one can be detrimental regardless of one budget. Luckily, there are many low budget gun safes that although do not have the best features, provide a measure of protection. The bottom line is that the best cheap gun safe are neither inferior nor substandard, but are affordable. The article looks at the best cheap gun safe both for safe storage of rifles and pistols.

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best gun safe brandBest Gun Safe Brand – The Roll-Royce is a quality car brand, Ferrari too is a quality brand, but are they best brands in the world? Opinion on the best brand differs a lot. The same is true when it comes to gun safes. Whereas there are some brands that stand out compared to the rest, consensus on what is the best gun safe brand is varied. What can be agreed on however, are the characteristics of found in the best brands. This article will review some of attributes found in the best Gun Safe brand and hopefully help you in your purchase process.

The locking system

The best locking system is the bolt locking system. The main reason why this locking system is preferable over the rest is that the locking bolts interlocks and safely secures the door. The thicker the bolt, the more secure is the system. Also, the higher the number of bolts the better is the system. Bolt lock systems have an increased lifespan and there are hardly any breakdowns. Other factors to consider include the number of lock combination, ease of opening under duress, lock visibility, lock reliability, and the lock maintenance.

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Best Gun safe DehumidifierBest Gun safe Dehumidifier – Guns are expensive, and for many of us gun lovers, when we buy a gun we hope that it will last our lifetime, and hopefully pass it down to our children. There are many threats to the longevity of a gun such as fire, water, and theft, but perhaps the greatest threat to guns longevity is moisture. Moisture destroys guns in the following way. Gun safes are usually closed tight minimizing air-circulation this leads to accumulation of moisture, which subsequently triggers rusting in the inner parts of the gun safe. Rust in the long-term weakens the gun safes making them easy to be preyed open by burglars. In addition, rusting spreads to your guns making them redundant in the long-term. For this reasons, it is thus imperative that one get the best gun safe humidifier.

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Best Fireproof Gun SafeBest Fireproof Gun Safe – Fire is a hazard that often strikes without warning. Its effects are devastating and can result in financial meltdown. It is thus imperative to be always a step ahead in case of such eventualities. One of the biggest threats to guns is fire. There are so many stories of people losing their prized guns due to fire. This can be very painfully especially for gun lovers who see guns as part and parcel of their daily life. Simply put, you need the best fireproof gun safe that guarantees protection in case of fire.

The market is awash with gun safes branded “fireproof”. The term fireproof is actually a misnomer. Many buyers assume that fireproof is the same as fire resistance. The fact that a gun safe is branded fireproof can actually mean anything. It can mean that the safe can only resist fire for 10, 20 0r even 30 minutes. This means that your guns and other valuables will burn. That said, there other gun safes that have been designed to provide resistance for an “acceptable” period. Such gun safes are thus desirable, and is worth investing in them.

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Under the Bed Gun SafeUnder the Bed Gun Safe – Are you deciding to own firearm? If keeping a gun is imperative to your family’s safety, it is important to keep it secured. Precautionary measures must be taken into consideration especially when you have small children inside the house. Likewise, it must be ensured that your stored weapon can easily be accessed when urgent situations arise. Another exciting thing is that this awesome invention can also accommodate other valuables apart from firearms such as sensitive documents, jewelries among others.

One of the best ways to keep your weapon safely while ensuring a quickly access when needed is storing it in under the bed gun safe. This innovative safe is technically designed for ease of storage and access. This is well constructed from solid steel coupled with a safe lock system to ensure a safe storage. Even burglars cannot have an access o what is stored in the safe. Definitely, anyone can avail the great value from this purchase.

Under The Bed Gun Safe Features

Under the bed gun safe is a great way to safeguard your weapon from potential intruders as well as keep it away from your children’s curiosity. The following features are good reasons why you need a lock box or under the bed gun safe: [click to continue…]


Best Gun Safe under 500Best Gun Safe under 500 – Finding quality on a budget is always a challenge as there is only so much quality one can buy with limited money. Whereas, the need for a having a gun safe cannot be overemphasized, it goes without saying that not all us have deep pockets to get the best gun safe money can buy. With this fact in mind, manufacturers are increasingly producing safes for such gun owners. Such gun safes, although limited to functionality nonetheless offers reliability, security and durability. This article reviews the top five best gun safe under 500 that will guide you in selecting a safe that meets your budget and expectation.

Best Gun Safe under 500: The GunVault Speed Vault SV500

The Gun Vault speed Vault SV500 is without a doubt a quality Gun safe under 500. Millions of user and critics have given it a sign of approval as a quality, accessible, a variety of mounting options, safe, and a discreet gun safe. Perhaps, the most appealing trait of this safe is its ability to be hidden discreetly let us say in an office desk or bed. The safe digital keypad ensures that the safe is easily accessible when you need which is very important especially in an emergency. Other factors that make this gun safe a bargain are that it is built using an 18-gauge steel, it comes with a backup key in case the digital pad malfunctions or you forget the access code. [click to continue…]


Who makes the best Gun safesWho makes the best Gun safes? – “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – This is a commonly quoted part of a dialogue in William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, in which Juliet argues that the names of things do not matter, only what things “are”.

Taking a clue from this famous quote, are all gun safes the same irrespective of the manufacturer. All promises to safely lock your gun and thus prevent unauthorized access. Is a gun safe from a miscellaneous manufacturer the same as one produced by Liberty? The answer will definitely vary depending on whom you ask, but who really make the best gun safes?

Usually, those who have tried various gun safes know where the shoe pinches. Here are the six best names you can opt for when shopping for a gun safe. [click to continue…]


Best Gun safe ReviewBest Gun safe ReviewOwning a gun comes with many responsibilities, one of which safely secures the gun from unauthorized use or from theft from criminals. This key responsibility can only be effected by having a quality gun safe. In addition to providing the last line of defense, such a safe will also protect your gun from high-humidity, floods, and fire. It is thus important to read many gun safe reviews if you are to get the gun that meets your expectations. There are many gun reviews available both offline and online, that said there exist some best gun safe reviews that will ultimately illuminate your understanding of gun safes. It is easy to know the best Gun safe review for a particular brand.

Why a detailed Gun safe review is important

Like any popular product, gun safes, business has attracted many players to cash-in on this lucrative business. There are prominent gun safe manufactures such as Liberty, Winchester, Sentry, Stack On, and GunVault that has consistently delivered stellar products. Deciding which to pick can be a tricky affair, especially in the absence of a professional. It is thus imperative to read gun safe reviews to differentiate the chaff from the grains. A gun safe is an important investment, and it is important to get it right.

Here is what to lay emphasis on: [click to continue…]