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Selecting the Best Handgun Safe

Best Handgun SafeBest Handgun Safe – Long-gone are the days where guns could be stored in metal trunks, under the bed, glass cabinets, and other sundry places. The consequences of taking the short route when storing your guns can be severe, even fatal. Handguns commonly known as pistols are small, easy to carry and very easy to use. Most of the gun fatalities are attributed to the handgun safes, the same applies to gun theft, and it is no wonder why such guns are preferred as the crime weapon of choice. It for these reasons that one is advised to get the best handgun safe that will provide adequate protection from unwanted hands such as small children and burglars. That said, how does one navigate the murky market awash with various brand names, accessories and feature to ultimately get the best handgun safe that will offer a piece of mind?

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This article will guide you on how to strike the real deal. Here are some of the key places to investigate.

Best Handgun Safe: Starting with the locks

As a rule of thumb, the best handgun safe has a UL listed combination preferably those locks that have been UL768 rated. That said, it is best to avoid handgun safes that operate via an electronic keypad combination or a mechanical dial. The main disadvantage of locks that are not UL listed is the fact that they use electromagnetic solenoids to acts as a deadbolt for locking the door. In the absence of an electric current for example when the battery is down, the only thing that holds the plunger is a small spring, which is very weak and can be opened by just bumping the safe. On the contrary, for a UL768 certified safe, a reduction gearbox and a motor is used to strengthen the deadbolt meaning that the safe cannot be opened when bumped. The main disadvantage of an electronic lock is the fact that it has so many holes that can easily be used to access the safe locking mechanism. In addition, the reset button placed inside is also accessible via one of the holes when the door is slightly opened.


The primary role of the bolts is preventing the gun safe door from being pried opened. Quality bolts ensures that even when the door hinges are cut, or destroyed the integrity of the safe are maintained. Such quality handgun safes have at least seven bolts with three locked on each side of the door. Although the size of the bolt is not an overriding factor, bolts found in premium safes are at least one-inch in diameter.

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Best Handgun Safe: The manufacturer

In the gun safe industry, not all Gun safes are the same, and not all manufacturers produce the same gun safes as they would for example when manufacturing confetti. You need to place your money where maximum returns can be yielded if you want to get the best handgun safe. The bottom line is that always give priority to names that have been tried and tested. That said, not all small manufacturers need to be overlooked. That said, homework is on your side to get to know which names stand shoulder above the rest. Such information can be found in gun user forums, gun safe reviews, and gun communities.

Fire protection

The need for fire protection cannot go without mention. Fire can strike at any time, and the best way of avoiding unnecessary losses is by having a gun safe that assures of such. A gun safe that has a fire rating of at least 1200°F for at least 30 minutes should be preferred. This is advised by the fact that most houses will burn for at least 30 minutes before firefighters arrive.

When all is said, and done you need to ask yourself, important personal questions before you buy the best handgun safe. This is advised by the fact that what is best for you may not be the best to another person. Here are some suggestions.

  • Whom are you trying to secure your handguns from? Is it Children or Burglars?

If you primary aim is to prevent children from using your gun, then you do not need to break the bank. A metal trunk can even do the trick if you safely secure the keys. If you live an area susceptible to house breaks, then off course you need to invest in a stronger safe.

  • Do you live in a rental apartment, townhouse, condo, or a Bungalow?

If you live in a townhouse or an apartment, chances are that security is provided and as such, burglars can cannot succeed getting to your house without first breaking a security barrier such as guards, and such the best safe for you here will be one that prevents it from being opened by children or other unauthorized persons. If you live in a condo or a Bungalow then you have total security of ensuring security for your house. Burglars love these types of houses, as they are well two aware that many people do not have dedicated security due to cost constraints. If you belong to this group, the best handgun safe for you mean one that can withstand drilling, preying, and other dirty tricks employed by criminals.

  • Do you want your gun safe to store other valuables in addition to your gun?

Whereas, it is not advisable to store all your eggs in one basket, if you do, make sure that your “basket” would not disappoint. If you plan to place your valuables such as jewelry, certificates etc., then do not leave any stone unturned towards ensuring that the ultimate safety net is achieved.

Bottom line

Defining the best gun safe can be difficult as opinion varies from one person to another. That said, there are some parameters that we can agree on such as the ones described in the article. When all is said and done, get a gun safe that will assure you a peace of mind and acts as a last line of defense when push comes to shove.

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