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Selecting the Best Nightstand Gun Safe

Nightstand Gun SafeWhy should you have a Nightstand Gun Safe at home? The average time it takes a Burglar to break into a house is under ten minutes. A professional burglar may do it in less than five minutes. In the absence of an alarm system, your reaction time is greatly impeded. A burglar is a security threat not only to you, but also to your family. If you have a gun, it surely helps, but a gun that is not reachable or available when needed is useless. For many people, their preferred and wrong way of storing a gun is under a mattress, a bedroom drawer or even under the bed. Whereas, these methods may work, they are not the right methods due to a variety of reasons such as the need to ensure that there are no accidental deaths of injuries.

Imagine it is 2 in the morning, you hear commotion downstairs. You are in panic mode. Your gun in tucked in the drawer in the living room. You are helpless. This is a common situation many people find themselves. If you had a nightstand Gun safe near you, the scenario will be different. A reliable Nightstand Gun safe will enable you to access the gun at the right time and you will become your own first responder.

What makes a good Nightstand Gun safe?

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Like all gun safes, Nightstand Gun safe primary duty is to store a gun from unwanted hands. If you have small children without a gun safe, you are simply sitting on a time bomb as kids like experimenting with almost anything they can lay their hands on. That said, a good nightstand gun safe should have the following characteristics:


You definitely want a Nightstand gun safe that will not be accessible by young children. In addition, you want a gun safe that is accessible by the right people who people who are under stress or pressure.


In addition to securing your gun, it will be advantageous to have a Nightstand Gun safe that is able to serve other functions such as able to accommodate one or two books, personal stuff or even able to serve as a resting place for a lamp. Another important aspect of versatility is the mounting option. Always go for a safe that can be mounted independently over many surfaces, especially if you are looking for a safe for storing a pistol.

Not reviling

Guns are one of the most sought after items during break-ins. In the event that a burglar breaks into your home when you are now around, you definitely not want them taking your gun. It you have a relieving Nightstand Gun safe you will be directing them where to hit. Always avoid such a stand that “screams” for attention. If you have a relieving gun safe, you might want it mounted in your bed or the wall, as it will be difficult for the burglar to walk to take it if they fail to open it.

How the safe opens

How the safe opens is very important if fast accessibility is to be achieved. Gun safes that open from sideways is advised as this enables you access the gun easily under stress.

Opening combinations

Many people tend to be lazy and always opt for the quick route. A pointer to this is easier to figure passwords email accounts. The same should never be transferred to your gun safe, if you don’t opt for the Biometric option avoid opening combination that can easily be cracked such as your birthday, your wife’s name of even the name of your town. Also, don’t brag to everyone, including family members that you have a given manufacturers safe. This may attract undue attention and lead to theft of the safe and the gun for sale in the black market.

A look at the Biometric options

In the last ten years, biometrics have slowly but surely replacing traditional security features. Not only are they tamper proof, but also very reliable. Gun safe manufactures have too embraced this idea and it is a no brainer really that the future of Gun safe is Biometric. Biometric Nightstand gun safe come with various specifications. If you chose this option, the following are some of the essentials you need to consider.

  • That the fingerprint reader is reliable

You definitely would not want a Nightstand gun safe that jams when you need it to open at a moment’s notice. To safeguard against this pitfall, go for Gun safes that employs the best in biometric technology. This is the only way to safeguard against disappointments.

  • That the Nightstand Gun Safe is easy to install

Biometric gun safe installation differs depending on the type of safe you purchase. If the installation procedure is complicated, make sure you use a professional to get it right.

  • Always go for top Brands

When looking for a biometric nightstand gun safe, it is important to go for a name that has been tried and tested. This however doesn’t mean that new companies’ products are inferior. The main advantages of experienced manufacturers are that they provide long-term warranties and it is easier to raise complaints them. Some of the top reliable names include Tychi systems, Protex Safe Company, liberty and the GunVault Biometric safe.

  • Go for a safe that meets your needs

Basically, the safe you decide to purchase should accommodate your gun well. In addition, if it’s able to store some other personal stuff, then well and good. If you have a pistol, purchasing a biometric safe that can be mounted over a traditional nightstand will serve the purpose.

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Final thought

The need for a gun safe cannot be overemphasized. That said, you need to settle for a safe that will act as a last frontier for both safety and accessibility. Whereas the same can be offered by traditional Nightstand gun safes, nothing is as reliable as a Biometric nightstand gun safe.

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