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Selecting the Best Under Bed Gun Safe

Under Bed Gun SafeThe under bed gun safe is perhaps the most discreet way of storing a gun away from unauthorized use. If well designed, and placed then nobody will ever know that you have an under bed gun safe even the ever curious children. We will examine some key attributes of the best under gun safe and recommend some top picks. When selecting the best under bed gun safe, the four most important things to consider includes ease of accessibility, flexibility, silence, and security. Lucky, there are such safes in the market that are tailored men to provide a peace of mind and enable you have the gun whenever you need it.

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Flexibility refers to the ease with which the gunsafe can be place under the bed. The gunsafe should be flexible enough to accommodate for both right and left-handed people. Better still, it should be flexible enough to allow it to be placed at either sides of the end without causing discomfort when sleeping.

Under Bed Gun Safe: Ease of access

This is crucial incase emergency strikes. You under bed gun safe should enable you have your gun when you just need it. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. The best option that guarantees quick access is obviously biometric safes. Other manufacturer safes are remote operated which means that you can open the safe without even have to move out of your bed.


They say silence is golden, but when it comes to gunsafes, it can be argued that silence can save lives, as the enemy will not be able to detect where you are and what you might be doing. Having a safe that “says” loudly that I’m being opened can lead you into a very tight spot.


This is the whole point of buying a gunsafe, isn’t it? You want it to be safe from unauthorized hands. Concealing a safe is simply not enough, having it tamper proof is everything. Remember that there are some well-documented cases of children opening a safe and what happened next is quite sad. The same applies to burglars. Burglars on average spend ten minutes on a home. During this time they will have accomplished there primary mission. There primary mission in your house many be to locate your under gun bed safe, dismantle it, prey it open or dismantle it, if your safe is not upto task, you will have definitely have helped albeit indirectly perpetuate crime in another location.

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Under Bed Gun Safe that standout

One major drawback on under bed unsafe is that most come with an unrated electronic lock system. This means that the lock system have not undergone independent tests to confirm their efficacy under different circumstances. Such locks can be hot wired easily and worse still, the lock are not protected using a hard plate meaning that it can easily be drilled and a burglar can grab the wires and easily open the safe. If you select the electronic route, always ensure that the safe is UL 768 rated to avoid disappointment in the future. That said, the following are some of the safes that make a worthy investment:

  • Gun Casket Fast Opening Shotgun Safethis gunsafe has been dubbed as the fastest opening shotgun safe in the world. The safe is small enough to accommodate one gun and can be discreetly placed under your bed. The only drawback of this safe is the fact that it relies on a digital code to open which may be quite tricky to open especially when you are tensed, but if you have gained mastery of the right combination then there is no much to worry about.
  • The American security default safe this safe best combines ease of accessibility, discreet, and occupies little space. It is flexible enough to allow it to be mounted on the bed frame. The safe can accommodate upto two rifles. Like the Gun casket, its major drawback is that it is not a biometric system as it relies on a keypad, which can be mastered over time.
  • Monster Vault Tactical under Bed Gun Safeone of the top picks. It is very discreet and does not even look like a gun safe. The safe is flexible enough to fit under common bed frames and can be stacked to accommodate more guns and other personal valuables. Better still, you can take the safe on the road as it can be customized to fit trucks and SUV’s without you having to compromise on space. If you are an owner of any AR rifle, then this safe is custom made for you.
  • The Amsec DV652Amsec is a reputable name in the gunsafe manufacturing industry, and this safe does not disappoint either. The distinguishing feature of this safe is its slide-out gun drawer when opening. The gunsafe is engineered to be very reliable and flexible and can easily fit any bed. The gun safe electronic system comes with backlit keys for use during the dark. The safe mute option will ensure that no sound gives way that the safe is being opened. Its four anchor holes ensure that the safe is mounted discreet on the bed.
  • Titan Gun Safe – this safe is flexible enough to accommodate pistols and revolvers. The safe is very easy to both mount and dismount with the use of a quick release arm. Courtesy of a patented bracket, the safe cannot only be secured under your bed but also on a truck seat. Simply put, this gun safe is simply way above there, and if you need a sense of style, security, and safety this is a sure bet.

Final thought

For security purposes, it is very important to have an under bed gun safe. One is very vulnerable when they are sleeping, and when there is danger, you really need to have a gun besides you to face the enemy at a strong position. For this to be guaranteed, you need an under bed gun safe that offers flexibility, ease of access, and silence, without forgetting security to prevent misuse from unauthorized hands.

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