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Three Essential Items to Own Alongside a Gun And One Of Them Is Eco-Friendly

Best Biometric Gun SafeWhether you are a veteran gun collector or on the way to owning a gun for the first time, there are some items which you must own, to ensure safety and the durability of the weapon. Here, we go through some items on the checklist, explaining why each is so important. If you feel that we have left out anything that all gun safe reviews should have, feel free to add them to the comments.

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A Biometric Gun Safe

A gun owner should always obsess about improving the security of their home, as well as that of their firearm. A few years ago, you would safely store the gun somewhere which had to be locked manually. Though sufficient, these key-and-lock storage locations would be cumbersome to access; while some were easy to break into. A biometric gun safe is a handy solution to this problem, having been introduced to the market just recently.

Most biometric gun safes use fingerprints to authorize access to the firearm. They can be “trained” to grant access to several people, judging by their fingerprints. This goes a long way in ensuring that young children and other individuals who should not hold guns cannot access them. Most variants of the safes are surprisingly easy to open, allowing emergency access without too much hassling. They can be built into walls, sides of the bed or on the floor.

An Eco-Friendly Gun Bore Cleaner

Like all other tools, a gun requires regular maintenance. The mechanical parts and the bore must be cleaned and lubricated periodically. Occasionally, you could strip the gun to its basic constituents (though a professional may be needed to do this) – but periodic cleaning does not really require taking the weapon apart. Read the manufacturer’s manual before disassembling it.

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Before cleaning a firearm, it is important to ensure that it is fully unloaded. Remove the magazine, clips and the extra round that is usually preloaded into the bore. Next, remove the bolt if your weapon is a rifle, or open the locking mechanism if it is a pistol. Clean the bolt using a solvent, before drying and lightly lubricating it.

There are five simple steps for cleaning any gun. After removing the bolt or its equivalent, swab the bore with the environmentally friendly gun bore cleaner. Make use of a rod embedded with a bronze brush to soak the interior, leaving the solvent to take effect on the debris left behind by the bullet jacket, lead and the fowling of gunpowder.

Afterwards, scrub the bore repeatedly with the brush, before following through with a patch of clothing, to absorb the extra carbon that may still be in the muzzle. This should be followed by lightly lubricating the whole firearm. Cleaning should essentially be done after every use of the gun.

Fireproofing and Waterproofing

For the safety of a home and the durability of the gun, there should be a fireproof and waterproof storage for the gun. Different solutions exist for this. For starters, a fireproof gun safe may be reinforced with commercially available ceramic walls. To ensure that the storage area is moisture-free, some deliquescent substances like silica may be stored alongside the components of the gun. During times like winter, you may notice that condensation may form in the storage location of your tools. This could cause rusting and impair their functionality.

The silica gel can be found fairly easily (and cheaply) in supermarkets. A small bag of the substance, which may be used for up to 6 months, costs as low as $5 or thereabouts, depending on the store selling it. For such negligible cost, you can be assumed that your favorite toys are in tip-top shape.

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