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What defines the Best Bedside Gun Safe?

Best Bedside GunsafeFeatures of the Best Bedside Gun safe – At night when sleeping, we are at our most vulnerable state. Deep sleep although sweet, is also very dangerous especially when disaster strikes. This is the most likely time a burglar will break into your house. The time it takes to react, and stop danger before it strikes is important. For this reason, it is wise to have a bedside gun safe. This way it ensures that you do not leave your bed to look for a gun when danger-strikes. That said, what defines the best bedside gun safe?

This article reviews the key elements of the best bedside gun safe that will give you a peace of mind each time you go to sleep.

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How fast the Best Bedside Gun Safe opens

When danger strikes, how fast we react to the situation is everything. Towards this goal, you need a safe that will give you access to a gun in a matter of seconds. The biometric safe is thus the best option as it relies on preprogrammed fingerprints to allow accessibility and entry is attained in a matter of seconds. An electronic lock system is also good, but not great, as you need to dial the right digits which is a challenge in the dark and when you are tensed. However, if you have memorized the combinations, it is good to go.

Reliability of the Best Bedside Gun Safe

One major drawback of the biometric system especially for cheaper models is that they can jam at the most critical time. Reliability also refers to the ease of remembering the lock combination. How easy is it to remember the combination, and can you open the safe when you are tensed?


The ideal best bedside gun safe should have a capacity of one or two guns. It should be small enough to be mounted on the most convenient side of your bed. The size should also allow for easy access when you need the gun.


Flexibility refers to the possibility of mounting in different positions e.g. on the wall or bed among other positions. This is appropriate as it will enable you access the gun when you need it. Avoid a bedside gun safe that is rigid and can only be fixed in one position.

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Stealth is everything. You should never give the enemy a target to aim courtesy of movements that generates noise. When you open a gun safe, it should never emit noise that points to where you are located. This means that you need to avoid gun safes that have beeps or any sort of sound indicator.


Whereas the market is awash with different gun safe models, one stands out, the Gunvault Speed Vault SV500. This model is one of the best in bedside gun safes ever. The safe comes with a unique design that makes its mounting easy and very discreet. Not only in the gun safe great as a bedside gun safe, but also can be used in offices, cash drawers etc. other reasons why this gun safe is recommended include the fact that it is made using 18-gauge steel, it can be preprogrammed to accept up to 120 fingerprints and it comes with a back-up key in case the biometric system fails. This gun safe without a doubt is one of the best bedside gun safe and a return of investment is guaranteed.

Bottom line

The importance of a gun safe cannot be gainsaid. A gun is only useful when placed in the right hands when it is needed. Getting the best bedside gun safe should be everything. You should leave no stone unturned in getting a safe that will guarantee safe for you and your family as it can mean the difference between life and death.

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