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What is the best Gun Safe?

What is the best Gun SafeWhat is the best gun safe is one of the most searched phrases on Google. This shows that many gun owners are not willing to take a chance when it comes to getting the best gun safe. That being said, there is really no standard measure for defining the “best Gun safe” as what is good for one person may not really suits another person. In an attempt to answer this question, it is imperative to answer the question, “what is the best gun safe for me?”. Once this question has been well asked, then one can fully grasp what is the best gun safe vis-à-vis their requirements and only then will one be fully informed on the best type of Gun safe to purchase. Here are some of the things to consider to get an answer for this question.

What is the best Gun Safe – The locking mechanism

The best gun safe locking mechanism should be able to withstand different types of entries. Entries here differs from forced entries from experienced criminals to attempted entries from “curious-hands” like those of the children. Locking mechanisms comes are generally available in three categories: the gear drive, over- center-cam, and the gear drive lock mechanism. The direct drive cam is the simplest and is commonly used in cheap or entry level safes, the gear drive is great for preventing bolt punching while the over center locking mechanism has been proven to prevent side bolt punching a common break-in system used by criminals.

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Fire rating is a critical consideration

The fire might be one of the greatest inventions of man, but it is also one of the most destructive invention. Fires can strike at any time without warning and the key is being prepared for such eventualities. As a rule of thumb, the best gun safe should have a fire rating of at least 1200F for 30 minutes and is UL RSC rated. This is the standard average time before fire engines arrive to extinguish fire. However, if you live in remote locations, it is advisable to purchase safes with a fire rating of 1200F for at least 60 to 120 minutes. Such a Gun safes have three components: a Fireboard insulation, steel body thickness and its layers are balanced throughout the surface.

 Metal thickness

The rule of thumb here is that the thicker the metal, the more difficult will it be to break. The recommend gauge here is seven to twelve. The bigger the gauge, the more expensive it is for obvious reasons. Again, the type of gauge you select should be governed by your security consideration and budget. One thing to note also is the weight. Higher gauge steels are heavier and may require professionals to move and install which bring with it extra costs.

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Storage Space

How many guns do you have?

Will you increase guns in the future?

Which types of guns do you own?

This should be the guiding questions. Answering this question will give you a true picture on which gun safe meets your expectation. That being said, always go for the bigger safes, especially if you are a gun-lover who does not resist the urge to buy.


It always comes down to affordability and the budget, isn’t it. That is why many of us will never own a Ferrari despite dreaming of such a comfort. That said, it does not mean that you won’t get a reliable gun safe. Whereas cheap might be expensive in the gun industry, it goes without saying that research, constant probing can just land you into getting the best gun safe to meet your needs and expectations.

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Other important considerations on What is the best Gun Safe

There are other considerations to keep in mind that although not so important in a gun safe, they come with the oomps!and may help prolong the longevity of your guns. This includes the following: lighting, Dehumidifiers, and lighting. When they are present, in addition to the aforementioned factors to consider, they combine to deliver the best gun safe money can buy.

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  • Nicholas - Discountlocks.co.uk June 28, 2014, 9:17 AM

    It depends on your needs. If it’s the best for someone, perhaps it’s not the best for you. Gun safes are many and different in size, design, and price. Most importantly, if you want to buy a gun safe, make sure it has multiple security so that it’s not easy to be broken by other people and store it in a hidden place.

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