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What the Best small gun safe should deliver

Best Small Gun SafeBest Small Gun SafeIf you think assault weapons are scary, then you need to think again. Homicide committed in 2000 in the United States reveals that 49% percent of homicides committed in 2011 involved handguns. This simply means that many handguns are in the wrong hands. A gun that is not kept safely is a ticking time bomb that can fall in the hands of a mentally disturbed family member, child, or thugs who make a break in. The ease of use and transport even by young children make it the likely weapon of committing crimes. It thus imperative to keep your handgun secured at all times. That said, a poorly working gun safe is pretty useless if it is not accessible. Whenever you are looking to purchase a gun safe, there are certain fundamentals that the best small gun safe should deliver. Here are some of the fundamentals that you need to keep an eye on.

Best Small Gun Safe Should have Limited access

It should prevent access by unauthorized persons- this is the primary need for any gun safe. If this goal is not attained, then the reason for having a gun safe is heavily watered down. Unauthorized persons in this context refer to children, burglars or any other curious hands. A best small gun safe that does this should first have an effective locking mechanism. There are a variety of options to select such as the dial locks, digital locks and the biometric locks. The biometric lock is advisable as it applies biometric in accepting or denying access.

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Best Small Gun Safe Should be Tamper proof

The best small gun safe should be tamper proof, period. This simply means that it should not be easy to be broken using the common methods employed by burglars. A tamper proof safe has at least 9 gauge steel walls, four way locking mechanisms, and thick uni-layer doors that can withstand drilling.

At least 1200F fire rating

Fires occur without warning. The best thing is to be prepared in case of such an eventuality. A small gun safe that can withstand at least 1200F for at least 30minutes to 2 hours will effectively protect your gun against heat damage. When hunting for a safe, it is imperative to see if the manufacturer offers a guarantee against the same.

Immediate access

When there is an emergency, speed is imperative. The best small gun safe should be accessible when you want it without any delays. You don’t want to be forced to remember things such as the dial locks, or where you placed the safe keys when you hear a commotion downstairs. In addition to immediate access, the small gun safe should be one that can be opened discreetly, quietly, and quickly.

Privacy and discreet

The reason for having a handgun is that you want to carry your weapon without attracting much attention. The best small gun safe should be able to complement this. Such a gun safe should be able to be fixed near your bed, office desk, or even your personal car.


Great products do come with a guarantee. The same applies to the Best small gun safe. If you want a guarantee that what is advertised is not a bluff, and you can get the value for your money, it is advisable that you stick to the big brands that have tested their products for all possible scenarios.

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Final thought

Small guns are both a prized possession and a very dangerous weapon. It is the most common weapon that young children access and use given their size. You definitely would not like your child being a news item for all the wrong reasons. Selecting the best small gun safe is usually the right step towards this goal.

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