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What You Need To know About The Best Fireproof Gun Safe

Best Fireproof Gun SafeBest Fireproof Gun Safe – Fire is a hazard that often strikes without warning. Its effects are devastating and can result in financial meltdown. It is thus imperative to be always a step ahead in case of such eventualities. One of the biggest threats to guns is fire. There are so many stories of people losing their prized guns due to fire. This can be very painfully especially for gun lovers who see guns as part and parcel of their daily life. Simply put, you need the best fireproof gun safe that guarantees protection in case of fire.

The market is awash with gun safes branded “fireproof”. The term fireproof is actually a misnomer. Many buyers assume that fireproof is the same as fire resistance. The fact that a gun safe is branded fireproof can actually mean anything. It can mean that the safe can only resist fire for 10, 20 0r even 30 minutes. This means that your guns and other valuables will burn. That said, there other gun safes that have been designed to provide resistance for an “acceptable” period. Such gun safes are thus desirable, and is worth investing in them.

Best Fireproof Gun Safe: What is the acceptable level of fire resistance?

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With respect to the size of the home, materials used for home construction, et.al it is estimated that the highest temperature generated when a home is one fire is between 800 to 1200F.  In addition, the average time it takes firefighters to arrive and contain a house fire is 15 to 30 minutes. Assuming that you have paper in the safe, it will char if the temperature hits 350F; the paper will ignite at 450F. The facts means that the best fireproof Gun safe should be the one that provides resistance to keep the internal gun safe temperature at below 350F when exposed to temperatures of up to 1200 F for a maximum of 30 minutes.

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A Caveat

Whereas, the standard temperature to prevent ignition is 350F, this temperature should not be cast in stone. That fact is that is you place flammable material in the safe like ammunitions, aerosols, or evening cleaning chemicals, your safe will ignite at a much lower temperature and you will end-up losing your valuable guns. In addition, it is important to add that the likely damage will be caused by among other factors: the specific heat capacity of materials in the safe, duration of the temperature, and the length it takes for the fire to be extinguished.

What you need to know about UL ratings

Underwriters laboratories (UL) ratings are tests used to measures among others the fire resistance capability of materials. UL ratings are ambiguous to say the least, and understanding what each UL rating category means is often confusing to the layman. That said, the best fireproof gunsafes are those that have successfully pass the UL-72 fire endurance test. Such safes have passed independent test done other than the gun manufacturer.

One critical element important in the construction of a reliable fireproof gun safe is the fireboard. The amount of layers of the fireboard on both the body and door is crucial towards the gun safe withstanding heat. The best fireproof gunsafes utilize thicker fireboard that ultimately delivers an impressive UL rating.

Best Fireproof Gun Safe: Bottom line

Whereas, it is desirable to have a “fireproof” gun safe, it is also very important to fully understand what defines the best fireproof gun safe. Manufacturers are crafty with words, what they offer may not necessarily provide an ideal protection when fire strikes. The first step should always to understand what works best for you. This is the only sure way of getting a return on investment in case of fire.

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