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What You Ought to Know about Bedside Gun Safe

bedside gun safeBedside Gun Safe – Safes have been used by different people for different purposes for centuries. Their primary purpose is to keep personal belongings and other valuables safe. Guns are valuables that need safe storage, but keeping your gun in your drawer or cabinet is not the most ideal option.

The Growing Gun Safe Market

The gun safe market is definitely growing tremendously and the reason behind that is the need by people to protect themselves from the dangers in the society. As more and more are exercising their rights to own firearms, they have also recognized that it is important to take responsibility in keeping the people around them safe by making sure that their guns are stored safely. Hunting rifles, for instance need to be kept stored until the next hunting season, while handguns need to be kept out of children’s reach.

The way you store your gun usually should be based on your home or neighborhood situation. If you have children at home, you really have to ensure that they do not have access to the weapon. If your neighborhood is not totally secure, you need to have your gun within easy access.

Thus, the decision to buy a gun safe could be one of the best ones you can make within your lifetime. There are different gun safes that are available in the market. There are full sized gun safes that you can also use to store your other valuables.

Many safe manufacturers are now concentrating on gun safes because they know that it is easy to target gun owners that want to keep their household safe at all times.

Bedside gun safes are designed to effortlessly fit under your nightstand drawer or under your bed. And because most of guns are possessed with the intention to protect against possible home invasion, the swiftness and ease of access should be of immense importance if you are considering gun safes.

Why You Need One

If you have a gun and you want to keep it from being accessed by your children or by thieves, your best option is to put it in a vault. The term vault may seem intimidating and overwhelming, but you do not have to buy a big safe especially if you do not have a big gun.

If all you have is a pistol, a bedside gun vault is the ideal choice. This is especially true if you want to have easy access to your weapon in case of emergency. With the safe right beside you at night, with your valuable gun inside, you can easily and quickly get to it if you sense trouble brewing inside your home.

A bedside safe for your gun is also the perfect storage if there are children living with you. Kids are naturally curious and they tend to probe and pry into places that they shouldn’t open. If you keep your gun in your bedside drawer, there is a big chance that little hands can get into it.

Aside from children, you must also be aware that intruders may also try to get their hands on your weapon. If you have a gun safe, you can rest your mind easy that no one can access your gun even when you are not home.

Choosing a Bedside Gun Safe

Choosing bedside handgun vault can be a bit time consuming because of the wide variety of choices to pick out from. Sometimes, the confusion may actually lead you in picking the wrong safe. When that happens, catastrophic consequences can result.

The last thing that you need is to experience further confusion and disorder when you an intruder breaks into your house in the middle of the night and you start to stumble around as you rummage through your drawers for your gun.

What you need is a bedside gun safe that you can easily fit into the most ideal place for your easy and fast access, which in most cases will be under your nightstand or bed.

In choosing your gun safe, it is important to make sure that you are buying from a reliable and well-recognized vault and safe manufacturers. Guns are very sensitive and because of that, it is a good idea to be always safe and not to take chances.

Bedside Gun Safe – Features

Owning a handgun is a good way of providing protection your family and for your valuables as well. It is very well acknowledged that are several potential dangers that suggest possessing a gun is the best idea. For people with handguns kept in their homes, handgun safes are recommended to ensure personal and family safety.

The most common features of handgun safes are:

  1. Ultra-high security locking mechanisms
  2. Fitting precision
  3. Battery powered
  4. Tampering indicators
  5. Computer blocks (built in)

The locking mechanisms include combination locks, key locks and biometric fingerprint locks. If you want ultra-high security, you should go for a Biometric safe, because they guarantee that only you and people you allow can access your gun from inside the safe.

It is vital that you can effortlessly get into your gun safe, and for several reasons. Among the most important reasons is that you wouldn’t want to waste precious time in getting your gun when you are awakened by potential intruders in the middle of the night. This means you need a safe with a locking mechanism that you can easily open.

But, it is also important to consider that while you want yourself and your spouse to access the gun fast, you wouldn’t want your children to have the same privilege. This means then that you need a locking mechanism that isn’t easily penetrated by little hands.

As mentioned, the finger print locking mechanism is the best choice, but it is not the cheapest. If you are looking for affordability, you may go for a gun safe that can be opened by a key or a combination of characters.

Key mechanisms are very traditional, and more and more people have discovered that they are not truly dependable. Combination locks, though effective, can be time consuming. You have to keep in mind that you want fast and easy access during emergencies. What will happen if you suddenly forgot the combination? This is a very common case because some people tend to panic, and when they panic they tend to get too confused to remember even the simplest matters, like a safe combination.

Bedside safes for guns are designed to perfectly fit into places where you are most unlikely to keep a gun. You can hide your safe under your bed or under the nightstand beside the bed. You can also install or mount it in a table or atop your cabinet.

With tampering indicator features, your safe records the attempts to open. This means that you will know for sure if someone has been trying to be too curious.

Advantages of Owning Bedside Gun Safes

  1. Because bedside gun safes are small, they can be easily fitted anywhere under or near your bed.
  2. Most safes of this size are equipped with quick release mechanisms that eliminate fumbling around for the key or trying to remember the combination.
  3. Gun safes are also highly fire-proof because guns need to be protected in case of fire.
  4. Bedside gun safes are considered by a lot of people as significant investments for ultimate household defense. These safes have quick entry features that allow you to have your weapon in your hand instantly. You wouldn’t want to fumble around for minutes when you can sense that danger is lurking in the end. You want your weapon in your hand to protect yourself, your family and your valuables.
  5. Another big advantage of owning bedside gun safes is that they give people peace of mind with the knowledge that their weapons are safe at home when they are at work. With your gun inside a safe that only you can open, you are saved from constantly worrying about other people getting their hand on it. You have to understand that even though it is possible to keep your gun in a locked drawer or cabinet, these locations are not really safe because they are not equipped with locking mechanisms that are perfectly designed to keep valuables safe and intruders at bay.


There are safes created to keep valuables safe, if you treat your gun as a valuable item, you need to keep it stored in the safest place possible. Buying a full-sized safe may not be the best option if you only have one handgun to store. What you need is a compact gun safe that you can keep beside or under your bed. What you need is a bedside safe for your gun storage needs.

What good is a gun if it is not easily accessible during critical and emergency situations? A bedside gun safe allows you and effortless way to get your weapon, when fast access is essential. You need to keep your weapon within easy reach, and these safes provide that necessity. Bedside gun safe offer the same level of protection like full-sized safes, but in smaller footprint.

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