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Which is the Best Gun Safe Brand?

best gun safe brandBest Gun Safe Brand – The Roll-Royce is a quality car brand, Ferrari too is a quality brand, but are they best brands in the world? Opinion on the best brand differs a lot. The same is true when it comes to gun safes. Whereas there are some brands that stand out compared to the rest, consensus on what is the best gun safe brand is varied. What can be agreed on however, are the characteristics of found in the best brands. This article will review some of attributes found in the best Gun Safe brand and hopefully help you in your purchase process.

The locking system

The best locking system is the bolt locking system. The main reason why this locking system is preferable over the rest is that the locking bolts interlocks and safely secures the door. The thicker the bolt, the more secure is the system. Also, the higher the number of bolts the better is the system. Bolt lock systems have an increased lifespan and there are hardly any breakdowns. Other factors to consider include the number of lock combination, ease of opening under duress, lock visibility, lock reliability, and the lock maintenance.

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Moisture is one of the biggest treats to the longevity of your gun safe. There is no need to purchasing a quality gunsafe that does not come with a dehumidifier, as moisture will trigger rust that will result in weakening of the safe and rusting of your guns. The best gunsafe brands usually come with a dehumidifier installed, although it can be added later on as an accessory.

Best Gun Safe Brand – The Gun Safe door and Frame

The gunsafe door is one of the weakest links in a gunsafe, and can easily be opened with a crowbar in case of any weaknesses. The best doors are one constructed using solid outer steel preferable 18-gauge steel. The gunsafe door gap should also be thin so that you cannot insert a coin between the edges of the door. This makes preying the door open very difficult. In addition, the door should have a seal to prevent entry of moisture.

The lock Rating

The best gunsafe brands have a UL 768standard certification. This certification falls under different categories, safes that are certified in-group II and above are better. This means that the locks have undergone tests and can withstand common attacks.

Best Gun Safe Brand – Gun Safe thickness

Steel is what makes a gunsafe effective and expensive. The higher the quality of steel used, the more effective and expensive is the gunsafe. What needs to considered with respect to steel is both the wall and door thickness. The best brands have at least seven-gauge door thickness and two 10-gauge thickness.

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Fire Ratings

Fire is one big threat for your guns. A gunsafe with a fireproof mark is not enough. The best brands have a UL 72 class that that is designed to protect paper stored in the safe. This test has be done to measure fire endurance, explosions or a combination of both.


Warranty offers the peace of mind that your back is covered in case of an eventuality. The best brands have a warranty of at least three years.

The biometric features

Biometric is the future of gunsafes. Biometrics is almost foolproof. A well-designed biometric system is able to process pre-programmed features at an instance, and either allow or deny entry. The best brands employ both the biometric system and a back-up key system as insurance in case the biometric system jams or it is low on battery.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that the best brand is one that offers the best protection for your valuables and prevents access to your guns. That said, there are certain thresholds that define such safes.

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